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Byron Stingily & Kimara Lovelace "About our love" (Home Records CD Promo)

The new year is only a couple of weeks old, but we already have a contender for anthem of the year. "About our love" is a blazing duet featuring two legendary vocalists in the house scene: Byron Stingily and Kimara Lovelace who deliver an emotional performance. The release features mixes by Ron Carroll who comes up with an uplifting and smoothly stompin' peak time vocal, while 83 West give it a deep underground-ish feeling on their thumpin' dub that features wicked stellar keys. Will Rodriguez (Reel Soul) goes for a deeply stormin', truly soulful take that features some 80's flavors coupled with cosmic keys and a jazzy piano, creating an absolutely irresistible vibe. "About our love" will keep you singing and dancing all night long.

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Stacey Mallory "Sea level" (4 Real Records CD Promo)
Stacey Mallory & 43rd St. Productions "Soul groove" (4 Real Records CD Promo)

Stacey Mallory has two brand new productions ready to drop in february on his own 4 Real label. "Sea level" is a wonderful midtempo song on a mellow tip featuring a jazzy piano and jazzy flute placed on top of a mellow and deeply rumblin' percussion enriched groove - house music perfect for chilling. "Soul groove" is on a soulful tip and features sweet percussion alongside jazzy keys over a funktified backing track, spreading a laidback feeling - a true late nite gem.

Ricardo Miranda presents Latin Soul Brothas "Temrino mi amor" (Vega Records 12")

The original version is an eleven minute latin workout on a laidback tip produced by Ricardo Miranda that comes complete with melodic keys and a wonderful flute, both courtesy of Glenn Underground who is also responsible for the remix that is fierced up somewhat, keeping the latinesque vibe alive.

Jannae Jordan "Live" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

Antonio Ocasio is responsible for the arrangement and production of this spiritual track that features a wonderful vocal performance by Jannae Jordan who wrote the lyrics. Beside the great vocal, there are different layers of jazzy keys and percussion that give the track a warm and uplifting feeling.

Cafe Soul All Stars "Urban jungle" (You Entertainment 12")

The Cafe Soul All Stars is a jazz funk ensemble assembled by Duke Jones and Norman Conners featuring such luminaries as Roy Ayers, Clarence Smith and Boyd Jarivs. In its original form, "Urban jungle" is a horn drenched late night soulful jazz production full of sweet moments, featuring a seductive female vocal an great keys. Ian Friday adds smoothly bumpin' beats to create an infectious jazz house track, while Blaze providie a slightly deeper instrumental rendition.

Reel Soul "I get a feeling" (Hustle Music Records CD Promo)

Over the past few weeks and month, Reel Soul have been busy with remixing and delivering quality stuff all over, but gladly they return with a production on their own. "I get a feeling" features sweet and emotional vocal by Damon & Rayleen over a grooy and soulful backing featuring a jazzy keys, organ and deeply rumblin' bassline. The DJ Will mixes are on a smoothly thumpin' tip, while the Reel Soul mixes take the song onto a deeper more groovy vibe.

Carolyn Harding "High" (Plaza Records 12")

After Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales took on the Skyy' classic and reworekd it into a lovely boogie-house tune featuring the signature Masters at Work sound, Randy Muller serves us a cover version featuring the voice of Carolyn Harding and the beat of the Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales remix, bringing the return of this classic to its ultimate conclusion.

Brian Tappert "The organ track" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

His return as a producer has been long awaited, now Brian Tappert is finally back - and he is back in a big way with "The organ track"! This track is destined to demolish the dancefloors with the irresistible groove and killer keys that make it standout from all other productions heard in a long time. There are two versions to choose from, both being full of energy and and spreading a feel good vibe whenever they are played.

Twisted Rhythm "The Twisted EP" (Refunkt Records CD Promo)

Twisted Rhythm are Stewart & Martin Murphy who make their debut with this two tracker. "Takes me higher" is a stompin' track featuring female vocals, enriched with funky flavors, a jazzy piano line and a wicked saxophone solo that gives the track an irresistible vibe. The second track "Losing you" is a heavily stormin' funky house track that is driving from the beginning to the end, featuring wicked keys alongside female vocals.

Fabio Bacchini "Space Grooves EP" (Refunkt Trax Records CD Promo)

Italian producer and DJ Fabio Bacchini presents a hot EP featuring two delicious club grooves. "Nowadays" is a chunky house groover driven by a catchy piano line that has a funky edge to it, while "Just a groove" features female vocals over an old-school groove coming complete with orchestral keys and percussion reminiscent of Philly disco.

Jamiroquai "Seven days in sunny june" (C&M Edit)(CD-R)

C&M keep themselves busy at the moment with yet another great edit, this time taking on Jamiroquai's "Seven days in sunny june" and transforming it into a danceflooor stormer using a phat beat underneath the original instrumentation, keeping the uplifting, feel good vibe of the original alive.

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