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Joey Negro "Love hangover" (Z Records CD Promo)

To celebrate the #100 single release on Z Records, Joey Negro (aka Dave Lee) has re-created and re-vamped his classic remix of the Diana Ross disco anthem of "Love hangover" with vocals from Diane Charlemagne. The main version is a slice of sexy disco-funk bliss, with the 'Luv 2 Dub' intensifying the groovy vibe. Next is the 'Rodox Mix' taking the track to deeper grounds with heavy drums and beats leading the way. DJ Spen contributes the remixes to the package, serving a marvelous reworking that fuses the sexy disco-funk flavors with an irresistible soul-tech backing.

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From the Vaults: Vincent Kwok & D'Layna "The Unreleased Mixes" (Eight Fifteen Records Digital Download)

In May 2005, Eight Fifteen Records released this three track collection of unreleased mixes, but unfortunately it did not get the recognition it deserves. And since we've been among the lucky ones being in possession of these mixes since back in fall 1993, we overlooked it as well. First up is a funked-up remix of "Rumours", followed by a sweet'n'sexy remix of "Love is the answer" by Light 4 Lines. Lastly there is the deep yet groovy dub remix by Rocco & Alex S of "Love is the answer".

Nathan Adams "Circles" (Raw Records CD Promo)

"Circles" is produced by Zepherin Saint and features newcomer Nathan Adams who impresses with a soulful, passionate vocal performance on this deep house gem that is laidback yet mesmerizing at the same time, with the gorgeous keys, haunting synths and vocals perfectly arranged over the deep percussion enriched backing groove, altogether creating a relentless feel. One not to be missed.

Duce Martinez & Stephanie Cooke "Could this be love (MN2S Records CD Promo)

MN2S finally drop the full package of the highlight of their "Miami 2008 Sampler". Produced by Duce Martinez, "Could this be love" is on a laidback tip and has a wonderful acoustic touch to it, with Stephanie Cooke providing a heartfelt vocal that is supported by a marvelous guitar, lush keys and classic strings. Lots of great remixes have been commissioned for this release, with Jon Cutler going deep on his relaxed garage tinged interpretation loaded with wonderful synth layers. Groove Assassin's beautifully instrumentated version gives the track a more organic live feel, while Sir Piers serves a deep, slightly dark tech-soul interpretation that is absolutely resistless.

Various "Mix The Vibe: Quentin Harris Vinyl Collection EP 2" (KingStreet Records Digital Download)

This is the second EP from the 17th edition of the "Mix the Vibe" series, featuring the 'AR Mysterious Vox Mix Edit' of "Be yourself" by Blaze presents U.D.A.U.F.L. featuring Joi Cardwell, "Show me" (Him & Her Mix) by Urban Soul and a brand new Quentin Harris interpretation of Dennis Ferrer's smash hit "Touched the sky" which features vocals courtesy of Mia Tuttavilla (both vocal and instrumental versions included).

Arnaud D featuring MJ White "I'm Africa" (Remixes)(Music Plan Tracks Records CD Promo)

Arnaud D's hypnotic "I'm Africa" which features sultry vocals courtesy of MJ White gets a second life with this set of brand new slammin' remixes. the 'Deep Mix' is a thumpin' deep house version featuring wicked synths, while the 'Venue D'Afrique Mix' is a stripped down take that is all about the beat and drums. No Age Combo rework the track into a mesmerizing, deeply rumblin' affair featuring captivating synths.

Exclusive Preview: James Brown "Sex machine" (Giampaolo & Tony Loreto Remix)(CD-R)

Tony Loreto teams up with Giampaolo to take on James Brown's legendary "Sex machine" to transform it into a dance floor anthem that is built around a smoothly stormin' groove that is enriched with classic strings, melodic synths and a killer piano line that together with James Brown's unmistakable vocals create a hypnotic vibe you can't resist to dance to.

Louie Vega & Jay 'Sinister' Sealee starring Julie McKnight "Diamond life" (Remixes)(Bargrooves Records CD Promo)

The 2002 classic (of which the acapella has been used over and over again on many mash-ups) gets revamped to take over the dance floors once again. Copyright add their distinctive, resistless yet smooth tribal touch to the track that is guaranteed to rock any party, while Danism serve an organic interpretation that is based on a funk drenched groove, with the warm keys and chords giving the track a melodic feel. Also included are the 2002 Masters at Work remixes and the Richard Earnshaw and Deep Dish remixes from the 2004 release on Yoshitoshi Records.

Koffee the Storyteller "Puss C kat" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Just a few weeks after dropping "Welcome 2 my club", Rasmir and Koffee the Storyteller return with another strong production titled "Puss C kat". As on their previous collaboration, Koffee's spoken word vocals are sweet and sexy, while the backing consists of a deeply rumblin', funk drenched groove that is enriched with lush chords and keys. Four mixes are included in the package that nicely vary the vocals, chords and keys, percussion and drum elements to give you choices for different occasions.

Sound Control featuring Michele McCain "Bring back that Jazz" (Pino Music Records CD Promo)

Here we have a lovely uplifting production titled "Bring back the Jazz" by Sound Control (produced by BKR aka DJ Benjamin and Ozzy Lee Tiger) featuring a sexy vocal courtesy of Michele McCain over a funktified backdrop that is enriched with jazzy keys and lush chords to spread a feel good vibe on the dance floor. Hot Hands injects the track with more funky flavors to turn it into a groovy monster jam, while VisionX presents a hypnotic reworking built around a fiercely stormin' groove that is enriched with captivating keys and classic strings.

BackRoomSounds "Dark side" (TempoGroove Records CD Promo)

With "Dark side", Sam Gibbons aka BackRoomSounds presents exactly what the title lets you believe: a deeply rumblin' affair on a slight dark edge that features lush techy chords and strings. The Audiowhores take the track to the main rooms with their more progressive take, while Souldynamic enter stompin' grounds on their tech flavored version. Lastly Beaten Soul turns the track into a soulful deep house gem featuring wonderful atmospheric chords over a smooth groove.

Zepherin and Brown "Sound Man EP" (Raw Records CD Promo)

Dean Zepherin teams up with Marc Brown to deliver the stunning "Sound Man EP" featuring two slammin' yet different productions. "Dance of Mandinka" is an irresistible deep house track driven by a resistless afro flavored tribal groove that is enriched with captivating keys and chords, with the dub putting the emphasis on the drums and percussion. "I see deep" features a passionate vocal from Steven Granville alongside haunting synths over a heavily thumpin' beat that is creating a mesmerizing feel. The dub strips most of the vocals to let the synths and beats do the talking.

Matt Caseli "Reginas reload" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

With "Reginas reload", Matt Caseli presents a track that is guaranteed to bring devastation to the main room thanks to the sexy spoken vocals by Regina De Carvalho, a catchy piano and electro-tinged synths over an infectious groove. Lots of remixes to choose from, with Christian Hornbostel going for a deep techy vibe, whilst Eddie Perrez delivers a groovy remix on a classic New Jersey track vibe. Dutchican Soul (aka NielsC) contributes a deep, slightly dark version to the package that features a magnificent sax solo.

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