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Soul Oasis presents K. Joy "Butterflyz" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

K. Joy (aka Kimberly J. Salter) returns with "Butterflyz" just a few months after the release of the seminal remixes of her 1985 classic "Like this". "Butterflyz" comes in a variety of great mixes, with Chazz (Charles W. Hamilton) serving a deeply rumblin' interpretation featuring phat synth chords that harmonize perfectly with K. Joy's passionate vocals. Next is Peter 'CWB' Mooka who keeps the vibe deep while giving the track a much more laidback feel, with the wonderful melodic keys and chords creating a dreamy atmosphere. Tim McAllister reworks the track into a soulful yet fiercely thumpin' affair that features lush synths and chords, with his instrumental version being on a moodier, deeper vibe.

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Exclusive Preview: Pablo Angel "The circle" / "Tribal leaders" (JakDat Records CD Promo)

Now this is some real authentic, deep'n'raw shit right here!! No fancy studio mastering or polishing, just the raw sound of house - the way it used to be back in the day - courtesy of Pablo Angel. "The circle" is built around a ruff and simple, yet very effective deeply thumpin' groove that is topped with male spoken words and jazzy horns altogether creating a resistless feel. Next is "Tribal leaders", a smooth tribal house track featuring cool African vocals and chants alongside lush atmospheric chords. Jaysun is firing up the vibe on his remix by using heavier beats and drums, with the added synths and vocal chants creating a hypnotic vibe.

Exclusive Preview: DJ Spen & Karizma & Hercules & Love Affair "4 the love of blind" (CJ Giovanni Bootleg Mix)(CD-R)

CJ Giovanni presents a truly lovely mash-up here that fuses the timeless DJ Spen & Karizma club smash "4 the love of house" with the Frankie Knuckles remix of Hercules & Love Affair's "Blind" into a feel-good dance floor track that is all about that hot combination of the "4 the love of house" chants with the classy strings from "Blind".

Studio Apartment "The Rising Sun Sampler" (KingStreet Records Digital Download)

This three track sampler from Studio Apartment's blazin' hot "The Rising Sun" album features the uplifting "Justifiable" sung by the one and only Kenny Bobien whose unmistakable vocals are backed with a fierce yet soulful groove that is enriched with lush keys and chords alongside funky guitars. Also included are the Reel People remix of "Love is the answer" (featuring Joi Cardwell) and the original version of "Found him" (featuring Monique Bingham). Don't miss to check out the album which features many more of House Music's biggest names.

Exclusive Preview: Steven Stone featuring Nyla Ray "Makes you high" (Original)(CD-R)

If you haven't got the chance yet to listen to Steven Stone's wonderful mixed album "Entering my world" which features a prime selection of soulful house productions (see our review here), let us give you an idea of what to expect from the album by presenting the marvelous "Makes you high" featuring the sweet voice of Nyla Ray over a smooth yet deep backing groove that is enriched with beautiful melodic keys and chords.

Silva "One 2 one" (NiteGrooves Records Digital Download)

KingStreet/NiteGrooves present another hot Japanese production to the world courtesy of singer Sliva who presents the beautiful "One 2 one" where she presents her lovely sensual voice over a smooth soulful backdrop that features a lovely flute and sweet guitars in the original version sung in Japanese. Frankie Feliciano adds his groovy vibe to the track, using a bumpin' bassline and gorgeous melodies created by lush chords and a jazzy saxophone to create a feel good feel (both English and Japanese sung versions are included). His dub takes the track to deeper grounds, using a thumpin groove and captivating keys to give it a hypnotizing vibe.

Various Artists "Selections from 15 Years of Paradise" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

KingStreet will become 15 years old soon, and to celebrate this appropriately, they will release a compilation titled "15 Years of Paradise" that looks back in time and presents 15 of their biggest and most memorable moments selected by 15 of the worlds top producers and DJs such as Louie Vega, David Morales, Kerri Chandler, Tony Humphries and many more. This three track sampler gives you a first look at what to expect, featuring the Mousse T. remix of "Brighter day" by Big Moses featuring Kenny Bobien, the DJ Pierre remix of "Sex on my mind" by Urban Soul and the original version of "One desire" by Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo.

Laura Izibor "From my heart to yours" (U-Ness & JedSet SoulHeat Remix)(Atlantic/Warner Records CD Promo)

In times where major labels usually don't care about soulful dance music and commission electro/trance/progressive dance remixes in hope for airplay both on radio and TV, it is a pleasure to see that Atlantic/Warner include a soulful house remix on the "From my heart to yours" single by Laura Izibor courtesy of U-Ness & JedSet who team up for a smooth yet powerful interpretation featuring warm melodic keys alongside Laura Izibor's passionate vocals over a bumpin' groove.

Sullee featuring Isabel Fructuoso "No pares" (Nitelife Records CD Promo)

Originally released back in 2003, this latinesque production by Sulle that features Isabel Fructuoso on vocals returns with brand new remixes. First up is the Mosco Music (aka Sullee) remix that takes the track to the main room with its catchy piano and pumpin' groove. Dean Saunders reworks the track into a funk drenched affair that keeps the vibe deep and soulful, while Park Street serve a groovy interpretation on a laidback tip. Lastly Jordan Rivera & Chique Benitez deliver a pumpin' tech-funk take destined for the main rooms.

Ike Therry presents TDL & Capasso "Cadillac car" (Parts 1 + 2)(Purple Music Records 2xCD Promo)

This latest release on Purple Music comes as a two part release with lots of mixes to choose from. The original is an uplifting affair, featuring a catchy male vocal on top of a soulful disco-funk flavored backing groove that is enriched with lovely guitar riffs, classic strings and melodic keys. The 'Sleazy Dub' is smooth yet mesmerizing tribal-ish reworking that takes the track to deep house territory, while the 'Deep Mix' gets even deeper with its thumpin' beat and lush synths. Label head Jamie Lewis contributes the remixes to the package, including a lovely re-edit of the 'Deep Mix' as well as a selection of vocal, dub and instrumental mixes that slightly differ from each other, all making use of a relentlessly bumpin' groove, hypnotizing synths and cool jazzy sax.

Various "Flavor Saver EP Vol. 2" (Salted Music Digital Records CD Promo)

The "Flavor Saver EP Vol. 2" is the debut release for Salted Music Digital, featuring a great selection of jazz/funk tinged bumpin' house tracks by newcomer Joe Pompeo and Australia's Nathan G. The latter presents "Like tha Jazz", a bouncy track featuring wicked jazz riffs and male vocals over a gritty bassline, while his "Show em how its done" is a powerful, soul-funk fueled track built around a stompin' disco tinged groove. Joe Pampeo's "So addicted" features a sexy female vocal alongside a lovely sax and cool synth stabs over a bumpin' groove, with the dub taking the track to deeper grounds while adding a slightly techy edge. Lastly there is "Try to love me" by Joe Pampeo, a simple yet very effective bouncin' track featuring an old school vocal hook and jazzy sax.

Lukeshara "Glowind" (Deeper Shades Records CD Promo)

This is only the fifth release for Deeper Shades, but with each and every one of them they blessed the lovers of deep house music with something fresh and different. This latest one is no exception as Lukeshara (aka Lukas Zaragoza) goes as deep as it gets to unleash a hypnotizing deep house bomb driven by thumpin' beats, with the phat spaced-out synth chords creating an irresistible feeling. Label head Lars Behrenroth provides the remixes where he further deepens the track by strengthening the beats and drums, while the additional synth layers intensify the hypnotic vibe to the climax.

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