After taking a break last year, I plan to be back in Miami for the WMC this coming March. However please do not expect extensive coverage as in past years with party lists etc. as I will focus on bring you quality mixes and reviews.

Mike Fossati
"Spirit of House"

You might remember that beginning of the year I announced changes to Spirit of House, but actually only some of them were introduced. Reflecting the past year, I have to admit that I spent much more time on the site than initially planned which kept me from doing other things. Looking forward I decided it is finally time for these changes to make time for other important things in my life.

So again I'm going to announce changes, and be prepared that this time I will actually implement them:

  • The fundament will be weekly updates (usually late Saturday) as you are used from the past
  • These weekly updates will include mixes and reviews
  • The amount of reviews will be limited (exceptions to be made only for important events such as the Winter Music Conference)
  • The focal point will be on soulful vocal house, the tracky/techy stuff will get fewer space and no longer get dedicated update cycles
  • Everyone that is using my reviews for any type of activity (e.g. quotes, mail outs, promotional texts) will have to add a reference such as "Written by Mike Fossati for Spirit of House ("

Happy new year to all my loyal followers and all the music lovers out there !!

Mike Fossati
"Spirit of House"

With 2009 going to be over soon, wouldn't it be time to look back on the year? I won't do this right now, instead lets look what is still ahead for Spirit of House...

Expect another mixshow loaded with all the deeper stuff I got in the past few weeks, but unfortunately time does not allow me to do it before mid next week. Then there should also be some "Pour le Connaisseur" reviews around that time as well.

And while we will take a short break over the new year, you will still get some fresh mixes as we plan to upload one or two Classic Mixes.

Mike Fossati
"Spirit of House"

Tascam DR-100

Well, after my beloved Tascam CD-RW700 gave me so many troubles in recent weeks (not only that it stopped recording in the middle of the mix past weekend, but it also was very picky on the CD-R's used), I decided to finally replace it.

Instead of going for another CD recorder or using a laptop, I decided to buy a "Field Recorder", the Tascam DR-100. Might be a bit of an overkill as some cheaper (and smaller) devices would have been good enough for me, but the ease of use and built-in features convinced me this is the right choice.

Mike Fossati,
Chief Editor
"Spirit of House"

Well, what a day it was... Had to start three times over to get the mix done as my Tascam CD-RW700 stopped recording in the middle, it the end I had to cut the pieces together on the PC. The unit is a couple of years old, either it doesn't like the brand of CD-R I'm using or its simply broken...

I planned to do another mixshow with all the deeper promos I got recently, but the delay caused by these issues didn't allow me to do it. No idea if I'll find time sometime soon... so basically I have around 20 promos not yet reviewed, including some bombs like

  • Michele McCain presents Marivent Soul "All I can do" (Andy Ward & BSC Mixes)
  • BSC "Ubatuba" (Louie Vega Remix)
  • some exclusive unreleased tracks
  • ...

UPDATE: I just went through the list of pending reviews and cut the list down radically - let's call it quality control...

Some asked me if I go to Miami for the "Winter Music Conference" next year. Things look good, you might indeed see me there...

Mike Fossati
"Spirit of House"

You can find an exclusive interview with our chiefeditor Mike Fossati on Beyond Clubbing - don't miss is it, he had some interesting things to say... The interview was taken some time ago, but it surely stands the test of time.

"Spirit of House"

It has been a long time since you've heard from me on general things about Spirit of House, so its time to get some news to you.

Yes, finally after a long time and many thoughts I decided to create an account on Facebook - and I also created a fan page for Spirit of House.

Go straight to my page by following this link.

Alternatively, search for Michael Fossati to become a friend, and for Spirit of House to become a fan.

Mike Fossati

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A while back we promised to bring the gallery and the blog back to the site. Please accept our apologies, but due to various reasons it takes more time than planned.

On another note, we decided to focus on the vocal/soulful stuff on the weekly updates (just the way we've done it for years). But no worries, we will continue to feature the deeper, trackier and sometimes techy stuff as well. In fact expect another such update in the next few days...

And for those wondering if we ever reject music submissions: yes we do, and to be honest quite a lot of recent submissions did not pass our quality check...

Mike Fossati

We are proud to announce that our Mix Archive site has been upgraded to the latest version of Joomla! as well this past week.


We are delighted to inform you that we successfully migrated to the latest version of Joomla! . Even though we've tested things before, there might still be some glitches here and there... in case you find one, please repor them to us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., thanks a lot.

We hope you like the new layout. At first, it might look a bit small, but this ensures it looks good on smaller screens (such as those 10" 1024x600 ones used in the so popular Netbooks).

Next we will bring the galleries with the pictures from the Winter Music Conferences back. Unfortunately, we have no exact date yet when the blog and links sections will be back. Please accept our apologies.


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