While being in Miami and making its way to the "Ambassador Opening BBQ" at the Rooftop of the Sony Building (Lincoln Road 605, Miami Beach), our Chief Editor Michael Fossati got stuck in the elevator. 

It turned out that the elevator had been overloaded and got stuck between the 2nd and 3rd floor. The door to the 2nd floor had to be manually opened and people had to jump out of the elevator and make their way to the roof by using the stairs (see images on the left).

As of this writing, we are not aware if the elevator has been fixed as there are more parties in this building taking place in the coming days.

Here we go, ready to welcome you here on with an unpreceeding amount of features as parts of our Miami coverage, beginning with this most awaited TraxsourceINDAMIX Pre WMC'08 issue. But before goin' any further, we'd like to warmly thank those of you who've graced us with their newies and upcoming projects for the occasion…

Caaaaaan U Feeeeel It? Course you can or should. This most likely applying to those of you currently fighting against the clock to get their projects ready for the Miami upcomin' round. As for what concerns us at this precise moment, the beat keeps on goin' with an unceasin' flow of aural goodies to grace our mind, body & soul. Welcome to TSIDM # 4!

Well, well, well… Only 6 weeks have passed with this year already illuminated by a whole bunch of aural jewels of all genres. Kinda hard for our wallets, but so revitalizing as far as our ears are concerned. And if on this page (be it either on or, this means you're pretty much expecting more. So welcome to the Extended version of TSIDM # 3 with soundabytes made available on (except when stated) while clicking on the links…

Yaow boyz ‘n’ gyrlz. Here we go with the (already) second issue of the TraxsourceINDAMIX column to hit yer screens differently depending on the place you get it from for the sole reason of differences of formats. On an edit version on TS, meanwhile you’re provided with say the 12’’ extended version either on IDMW and long time brother Michael Fossati’s platform. Anyway, wherever you may be, welcome on board!!!

Here we go, back in full effect and ready to rock what we hope to be A massive new year! Ever thought we’ve crossed our fingerz during the traditional X-mas break? Naaaaa way! While a big majority of you should have been provided with the circumstancial turkey and the kitchen sink, we’ve pretty much roasted ourselves givin’ birth to our MySpace page + workin’ on the realization of boilin’ hot stuff. The first of which bein’ the concretization of this long time collab project givin’ birth to this column, the new name of which aptly speakin’ for itself. Welcome on board! 

The Spirit of House Mix-Archive has been updated. This site, sponsored by Neransk, now feaures all mixes from 2000 as well as all Classic Grooves mixes in MP3 quality.

You find the new site here.

As you may imagine, I'll never say enuff how havin' our DSL system endly back in full effect makes the things far much easier. Time to come up with our latest delivery of new sensations with big ups to Michael Fossati of Spirit Of House for keepin' us posted inbetween…

Defected's residency at the MAD Club, Lausanne has gone from strength to strength and is one of the places to catch a night of the true sound of the label. Join Defected label boss and internationally renowned DJ Simon Dunmore, Shovell on percussion and Tracey K - vocalist on Fish Go Deep's club smash "The Cure and The Cause" for a night to remember.

Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) can be heard on Mix The Groove Radio every Sunday at 8pm GMT (London) // 8pm EST (New York).

Don't miss this opportunity to hear more fresh tunes and exclusives not heard on his weekly Fresh Grooves show here.

Michael Fossati now also has his own DJ Profile page where you can leave comments.

Mix The Groove Radio - Deep Soulful House Music
Music bein' a part of our daily environment, it's no more suprising hearin' people talking about it here and there than getting to know about the nature of their opinions which, as a matter of fact, are more the result of a global lack of knowledge, than the expression of refusal as far as the sounds gathering us on this space are concerned. Damned, how could we ever blame them for ignoring what they're not exposed to due to the obvious lack of media exposure, as recently explained by veteran producer Randy Muller in those pages… No need to say how we, here on IDMW, have to nothing but make ourselves both more explicit and attractive to more and more of you joinin' us…

No matter what some people might say here or there about music not being the way it used to be with their inevitable references to yesteryear's standards, the story fully continues despite the drastic changes of the situation with new releases destined to become tomorrow's classics. More thereafter with the second installment of our title column…