Miami being 2 weeks behind, it’s now time for us to fully do what you expect from us while providing you with a comprehensive review of the event. Global impressions ? An increasing amount of parties (some of them being cancelled almost at the very last minute) added to some heavy humidity at some time, not to mention the usual excitation. The M3 Summit undoubtly successful on its challenge to find its own niche facing WMC’. More live P.A.’s often in top fine quality as demonstrated by Tortured Soul amongst others and, on the front of the new releases, a noticable good amount of aural pleasure.

House music is far from having said its last words, even though we’re in the middle of a real mutation in terms of promotion, as shown by a growing volume of CD’s replacing the good ol’vinyl format…

Miami’s already more than a fortnight back and we’re slowly but surely getting back on our feet with tons of newies to be featured on our Miami Special Pt.2 thereafter talking about nuttin’ but aural delites. On the image front, feel free to check some of the pictures we’ve taken over there on our M3 Gallery. Then we’ve renamed our In Da (Audio) Mix section, going for some more explicit title under the DJ’s In Da Mix name with two contributions respectively from Chicagoan Julius the Mad Thinker and Toulouse based Lea Lisa, who also happens to open our newly launched DJ’s On Da List section. As for our editorial team’s concern, expect new names to appear very soon incl. NYC multi activist Peter Reyes by the end of this month. And, as hedonism doesn’t have boundaries, new sections dedicated to the pleasure of the mouth ! Isn’t life that beautiful for f*** sake ?

Props to Franck Roger widely contributing to this with his rework of Blaze ‘Most Precious Love’ with a damned silky touch thus having this title being our Single Of The Week for the second time.

Sorry for those of you who may have thought that this was it for us in regards to this year Miami’s nu soundabytes, having us bringing you another series of hot tunes this week, including some which haven’t necessarily been promoed over there. On the mix front, we bring you two new selections this week courtesy of French label Rotax head Pascal Rioux and Chicagoan 3degrees co resident Julius the Mad Thinker meanwhile we have another producer hailing from the Windy City by the likes of Jesse Outlaw making his debut alongside vocalist Bernard Harris with ‘Love You So’ on our Single Of The Week section.

Our excuses to the senders of the many e-mails we haven’t been able to give a quick response to in the last days, because of the breakdown of a part of our system (incl. our usual mail box) which should get back to the normal very soon after the many actions we’ve engaged in that sense.

No less than 2 issues for the price of one this week incl. an x-tra In Da Mix delivery (#92) + the returns of our dearest Nippon Nik with his usual Japan Corner and ADN for some alternative sounds on The Other Side for our French speaking readers. Don’t forget our 2 new mixes courtesy of Chicagoan Julius the Mad Thinker and Rotax label head Pascal Rioux. On the 12’’ front, we have Jesse Outlaw providing us with the Single Of The Week, meanwhile Raw Artistic Soul provides us with our new Album Of The Month dubbed with some explanations on this week’s interview. And if that wasn’t enuff, we welcome IDMW.Com editorial team new member Céline making her official debut with a chat with UK based jock DJ Sosa of Huddersfield Soul Project.

Finally, this is it ! We’re back with our system now fully in order, after more than 2 months of turbulences inbetween our DSL connection made unoperational because of a junk provider and our phone line being interrupted at some time by our usual operator without the possibility of having our responsability being established on any case. Our excuses then once more to you, our visitors, and our thanks for your understanding, but also to all of those to who we haven’t been able to answer properly during this period, wishing that no more breakdown of the likes is to damage the development of our entreprise. As a direct consequence, you may now get ready to see us progressively going back to our usual rhythm as far as the updates of our sections is concerned.

On display this week, our 33RPM column and a new selection of some of the best long players around incl. our Album Of The Month by Raw Artistic Soul to be followed chatwise this week by the purveyors of the recently released Rebounces LP (in other words : S.U.M.O.). Meanwhile Rotax label head Pascal Rioux gets his name alongside Mr Day’s one on our Single Of The Week section with the revamp of their ‘Don’t Outstay Outside 2Nite’ by the likes of IDMW.Com reviewer Erik ‘Daphreefunkateerz’ Rug.

Yaow folks. Some of you may wonder wassup ? Well, nothing wrong apart from having us in the same state of mind as many of those we’ve supported the works of for ages now. In other words, the need for finding the resources, if not the motivation to make this space even more exciting for you as for us while keepin’ on staying true to our beliefs. This said, don’t get us wrong as unlike certain people who’ve ended up losing their souls (if not selling them), we’re not to give up on what has made us being who we are but will certainly do it differently…

How do you do yourselves ? Talking about us, we really felt the need to take some time. Not only editorially speaking, but also in terms of organization, welcoming a third member on our directorial board by the likes of Romain Pigenel who’s to give us a hand on the development of our venture. As a result, expect us back in full effect with an update of our usual sections + the addiction of extra ones. Not to mention the launch of our record shop online within a short while. As for what to expect in terms of reviews this week, we provide you with our monthly selection of some of the hottest albums around + as a bonus, a chat with Marlon D who happens to be the conceptor our current Album Of The Month All da best !

A quite famous (French) proverb says : beware of the sleeping water ! Well, although we came to slow down a bit our update schedule, we’re not sleeping at all ! Another couple of weeks and you’re gonna see what our soon to be opened record shop man has selected for you.

Our Single of the Week comes courtesy of Maxine Inniss and no doubt you should… appreciate her latest effort alongside NYC producers George Mena & Franke Estevez. On our going back 2 da roots process, we welcome Stevie Wonder’s 1982 classic ‘Do I Do’ as the openener to our brand new Vintage Choice’’ section. On our chat front, our sweet Céline has managed to have a conv with US producer/musician James Duncan best known for his collabs with artists such as Metro Area & Morgan Gueist. Meanwhile our regular (good) groove collectors Nik Weston and JMIrie deliver the latest fruits of their researches on their resopective columns…

Sea, Sex & Sun… We’re almost there as far as we, at IDMW.Com, are concerned. Alas, the recent times have brought us some bad news with the passing away of one of our heroes : Luther Vandross to whom we've recently paid a tribute a . Singlewise, we send our props to Detroit producer Kevin Saunderson aka The Reese Project making his awaited come back with the collaboration of singer Paul Randolph that we’ve had the chance to see quite recently at Le Rex in Paris alongside Moodyman and Pirahna Head, with a new single to be released right after the summer break. As for global reviews, MFSB who’s just done the final behind the decks at the Festival Of Salamanca, Spain, gives an idea of what his regular column is to be about within a short while, ADN talking about some of the latest tunes around on his own column for our French reading crowd.

Things always come to an end one day or another and it’s now time for most of us here on IDMW.Com to take a well deserved break B4 coming back in strong action in September with the effective launch of our record shop, the arrival of new members on our editorial team and the opening of new sections. You won’t be left alone though in the weeks to come as Romain Pigenel is to take the driver’s seat alongside Jean-Jerôme Lebel currently working on the latest evolutions of our site. As for what’s been currently left to your appreciation, we’ve managed to have a chat with French jock/producer and (new) label manager Sami Dee. Our new Vintage Single Of The Week coming courtesy of 70’s outfit CJ & Co with the help of Tom Moulton doing the mix. Meanwhile, this pre break issue gives us the opportunity to have a word about some of the hottest LP’s around including our (new) Album Of The Month courtesy of Berlin outfit Micatone.

All da best, stay tuned

Frederic ‘MFSB’ Messent, editor

This week is something of special for us having us releasing what is to be our Issue#100 !!! The opportunity for us to thank you for your continuous support while visiting us on a regular basis. But also for me, on a more personal tip, to send my props to Jean-Jerôme Lebel who’s given the technical birth to this site as well as to the members of our editorial team for their spontaneous and free commitment into this adventure. As a matter of fact, don’t expect any review of so called fresh material this week but a sort of reader’s digest of what to expect from us prior to start what’s going to be our third season of activity...

Do you remember… September ? Well, we gotta do it at least as good as Earth, Wind & Fire back in the daze as it’s time for many of us on this part of the world to get back seriously at work. And I gotta say that we’re pretty much excited about it here on IDMW.Com because of a whole bunch of new blood to come on the site, starting with the now imminent opening of our long awaited online record store. We’ve gathered a lot of goodies to feed your apetites over those last weeks, meanwhile seing our attention eventually caught up by people and things of the past we’d forgotten when not litterally discovered, seing us with a whole bunch of (new) things we feel we’ve gotta talk to you about in the near future. As for this week, we’re coming back atcha with our usual bunch of colums, welcoming French producer and resident DJ of weekly Dance Culture sessions, Greg Gauthier for a chat. Our Single Of The Week sounds like a piece of xtra summer time brought up by the likes of Bah Samba, meanwhile our Vintage section gets a little bit more space welcoming not only our now usual 12’’ of the likes – ‘Disco Inferno’ by The Trammps – with the addiction of a new dedicated column left to the hands of our own MFSB.

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