Here we go for another week with quite a varied selection, bringing you back to the glorious souvenir of recording artist, music film maker and producer Giorgio Moroder (remember his contribution to disco with Donna Summer and his unforgettable Midnight Express OST). Our Vintage series being completed by our 12’’ of the likes, courtesy of 80’s US funkster Glenn Jones with the aptly called ‘’I Am Somebody’’. As for the present time, London based promoter/scribe Nik Weston delivers the latest developments as far as the Japanese scene is concerned. We then pay our contribution to Blaze & Ultra Nate scoring our Single Of The Week. Then if ever you feel you don’t know enough about how we see the current times, don’t hesitate to check our Politics Of Dancing section.
Peace y’all.

Already the last week of this month synonymous with the arrival of Autumn, but first and foremost with the release of our 33 RPM column dedicated to the LP format with a selection of some of the best albums around. A selection which has been nearly made impossible – apart from our Album Of The Month, courtesy of Masters At Work with their aptly named Kings Of House mix on BBE as reviewed by ‘s head Muema - due to the weak amount of material worth to mention which we’ve been sent during those last weeks. This being another blattant illustration of the current hesitations of a more than ever fragilized scene in an obvious search of a new shuffle. In other words, I guess we can say how there’s a crucial need of (true) references as brilliantly demonstrated in the past by Romanthony to whom we pay a tribute. Or by Crusaders member Wilton Felder, author of our Vintage 12’’ Of The Week with the exquisite 25 years old ‘Inherit The Wind’ featuring Bobby Womack on vocals. As for our brand new issue, it sees the return of our ol’ In Da Mix column with a drop of house, garage & other illicit grooves.

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