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Various "Miami Sampler 2009" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Image For all those that decided to skip this years Winter Music Conference in Miami, this eight track sampler will bring the sun to your heart and make you forget that summer is not yet here (in fact here in Switzerland it feels more like winter right now...). Gotta Keep Faith Records have put together a wonderful summery selection of some of their future releases, including the likes of Spiritual Blessings, Uncle James, Keith Thompson & Licksamba, Alex Garcia, Neil Hodgson, Deep & Soul Project, United Soul and Bloompocket. Judging by these tasters, things are looking good for Gotta Keep Faith.

Image Lil Louis (Louis Burns) is best known for house classics such as "French kiss" (1989) or "Club lonely" (1992, lifted from "Journey with the lonely", one of two albums he recorded for major label Epic). But Lil Louis is much more than a producer and songwriter - he is an artist, DJ and author as well. In the last few years, he has been working on a book and album that will be released simultaneously. The book entitled "A Man's Diary" is a controversial true love story about his lifelong pursuit in finding a good woman. The album, titled "Two Sides to Every Story", is a musical answer to the book, written by Lil Louis from a woman's perspective, depicting their joy, love and heartache. The album is a two disc release - one r&b, one house - well worth being discovered, best while reading the book as well to get the whole picture.

One for the vinyl hunters and collectors out there: did you ever realize that at first sight the release of "French kiss" on Diamond Records appears to be perfectly normal black vinyl, but when you hold the record to the light you will see it shines through a little and proves to be of a very dark green color?

Image Wil Milton follows up his recent fantastic vocal productions with an instrumental album taking you on a journey into the deepest imaginable grounds, redefining some of dance music's earlier sounds known from the historic deep house era of Chicago and Detroit for the 21st century. These deep and infectious tracks will reminisce you back of those glory days of house music, loaded with contemporary touches that guarantee jam-packed dance floors. Deep house for those who understand what it is all about.

** Exclusive Preview ** Phuture Sole Records bless us with an outstanding release, a remix package of "Don't let me leave alone" by Windimoto, a song featuring a marvelous vocal by Victor St. Clair originally released by InterDependent Music at the beginning of 2008 (if you never heard of that label you're in good company). Ian Friday delivers a masterpiece of a remix that impresses with a soulful yet irresistible organic feeling, with the jazzy keys and synth chords being absolutely gorgeous. Abicah Soul deepens the vibe on his interpretation that uses a smooth percussion enriched groove, jazzy piano and classic strings to create a laidback feeling. The dub gets deeper, with techy keys added for a more hypnotic feel. There is also word of a Pirahnahead  remix that might be added to the release... 

Picks of the Week

Smith Hall featuring Veronique "Love's call" (Mixmode Records CD Promo)


Detroit based Mixmode Records presents the adorable "Love's call" produced by Delano Smith and Derwin Hall, featuring an uplifting vocal by songstress Veronique over a truly deep yet soulful backing that is enriched with sweet percussion elements, wonderful synth melodies and jazzy keys. Pirahnahead smoothes down the vibe a bit and injects the track with infectious funky flavas, which together with the jazzy keys and atmospheric melodies create a resistless feeling.

Image Anto Vitale presents "Broken wings", a superb production featuring a marvelous organic orchestration and outstanding vocals courtesy of the highly talented Tamara Wellons who sings her heart out, with the result being simply wonderful. Ian Friday takes the song to deeper grounds, turning out an absolutely hypnotic interpretation you can't resist to dance to, while John Beltran's beautiful remix is a latinesque affair oozing with sweet mellow vibes. A future classic - miss it at your own risk.

Picks of the Week

Brazilian Soul Crew "Tema do Brazil" (Iwanai Music Records CD Promo)

Image With "Tema do Brazil", the Brazilian Soul Crew (Claudio Mansur, Edground & AZee) presents a wonderful production full of uplifting emotions oozing with soulful vibes created by a marvelous orchestration that includes lush atmospheric synth melodies, beautiful piano and flutes alongside gorgeous xylophones over a smooth groove.  The 'Espritual Dub' is heating the vibe up with its sweet tribal groove. The remixes are courtesy of Anto Vitale who injects the track with mesmerizing synth chords and a fierce drum driven groove to create a more intense yet very soulful feel.

Image In the past, there was once a track called "Track 1" by house music legend Kerri Chandler released as part of the "Atmosphere EP" through Shelter Records (later also known as "Atmosphere" as dubs were released by Ibadan Records, and you might also remember further remixes which sampled the vocals of "You are in my system" by The System to full effect) that keeps on rockin' dance floors around the globe since then... Now today we've got "Track 1 Revisited" which transforms this timeless house anthem into a classic for the 21st century. Five mixes to choose from, either featuring amazing keys, jazzy saxophone by Nadir Simon or both in a hot combination, with the subjacent musical backings being absolutely ruthless. Get back in time with the 'New Old School Mix', keep on jammin' to the 'Jazz Mix' or choose one of the other three mixes for a deep house extravaganza seldom heard. Simply Kerri Chandler at his best. And the man  himself talks about more mixes coming soon... can't wait to hear them !!

Picks of the Week

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter "Fly away" (Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

Image Wil Milton and Rodney Carter are unstoppable at the moment as they unleash another bomb titled "Fly away" featuring Rodney Carter at the top of his game, delivering an inspirational vocal performance. The 'Gravity NYC Mix' is a deep mesmerizing affair featuring superb keys and lush synth chords over a funk drenched groove, followed by the delightful uplifting 'Latin Soul Vocal' that is all about the jazzy instrumentation and sweet synth melodies. The 'Dub Away' deepens the vibe for a hypnotic jazzed-up journey through the underground, while 'Beat the Bass' emphasizes bass, beats and vocals. Completing the package are beat and instrumental versions.

The Realm featuring Tony Momrelle "Time" (Remixes)(Papa Records CD Promo)

Image Hot on the heels of the original soulful mixes comes a massive remix package by Phil Asher (under his Restless Soul disguise) and The Layabouts (Leigh Darlow, Alex Paschali and Ben Logan). First up is Phil Asher who keeps the vibe soulful while reworking the track into a groovy deep house gem featuring gorgeous synth chords and keys that perfectly harmonize with Tony Momrelle's inspirational vocals. The Layabouts go slightly deeper on their take, giving the track more of late night, early morning appeal thanks to the wonderful melodies created by atmospheric synths.

Picks of the Week

Groove Junkies featuring Wendy Brune' "Shut up n' dance" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

Image Right in time for Miami, the Groove Junkies (Evan Landes and Parrish Wintersmith) drop a bomb that is guaranteed to rock the dance floors for months if not years to come. "Shut up n' dance" is the second single from their upcoming album "In the zone" and features marvelous vocals by Wendy Brune'. The original is absolutely irresistible, with a funk drenched groove leading the way for mesmerizing chords and Wendy Brune's sexy powerful vocals. The 'Old Skool Rub' slightly relaxes the groove, with the wicked keys adding a late 80s/early 90s feel to the track, while the 'NYC Deep Dub' goes as deep as it gets, making it an after hours essential. Richard Earnshaw contributes a slammin' remix, reworking the track into a relentless, punchy affair. With instrumentals and an acapella tool included, this is a must have for your collection.


Ralf GUM featuring Daniel Thomas "Higher high" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Image With "Higher high", Ralf GUM presents a stellar Disco influenced dance floor stomper based around a funk drenched backdrop, featuring outstanding vocals by UK singer Daniel Thomas which together with the old school tinged keys, classic strings and lovely guitars create an intense feeling you can't resist to dance to. Ralf GUM's 'Deeper Deep' mixes are the choice for all the deep house headz loving it deep'n'soulful yet resistless, while The Realm rework the track into a fiercely groovin' affair that oozes with soulful vibes from the beginning to the end. This slice of uplifting dance music is a must have for your collection.


Tortured Soul "Home to you" (Remixes Part I)(TSTC Records CD Promo)

Image Tortured Soul launch their brand new label TSTC Records with a bang!! "Home to you" is taken from their upcoming album "Did you miss me" (set to drop late March). The song is wonderfully instrumentated, with a groovy funked-up backdrop leading the way for jazzy keys, wicked guitar and outstanding vocals. Tortured Soul's own JKriv beefs up the groove while staying true to the original, with his partner Ethan White is serving a deepened interpretation built around a smooth groove. Quentin Harris delivers one of his best remixes in recent time, adding his distinctive touch while preserving the vibe of the original.

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