Image Wil Milton and Rodney Carter follow up last years highly acclaimed "The Songbook Of Love" album with "Don't let go", a blissful journey through wonderful dance grooves full of lush harmonies and passionate vocals, all wonderfully orchestrated and arranged. The songs featured on the album cover different genres, always putting the emphasis on lyrics and melodies that won't get out of your head for a long time to come, with a vibe that is soulful yet at the same time captivating. Its all bout the pure musicianship that can be experienced from the first to the last second. Not to be missed.

Picks of the Week

Pulse "The lover that you are" (Marlon D. & George Mena Remixes)(Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

Pulse' 1996 club anthem "The lover that you are" gets a fresh set of remixes by the team of Marlon D. and George Mena that have everything what it takes to become a timeless classic. Featuring songstress Antoinette Roberson, these new mixes simply will blow you away with the mesmerizing drums and bass, passionate uplifting vocals, marvelous keys and lush strings and synths that come together to create a hands in the air anthem, perfectly served over six mixes (two vocal, dub, instrumental, percapella and beats) that are fierce yet soulful while oozing with deep and sexy vibes.

Image Reelgroove was founded by Greg Dorban in summer 2006. Since then, the label has put out various slammin' single releases, gaining worldwide respect for being one of the most promising soulful house labels. Now Reelgroove are ready to enter the next level, with this release being the first in a series of upcoming compilations. Selected and mixed by label head Greg Dorban, this double CD is different from many others out on the market by not building upon current anthems or chart toppers to interest its listeners. Instead the two discs will please the fans of soulful house music with a refreshing selection of tunes that represents what Reelgroove stands for and the way these tunes are programmed.
Image Alleviated Records, established in 1985 by celebrated dance music producer and singer Larry Heard, is one of our favorite House Music labels. Their debut release was the now classic "Mystery of love" by Loosefingers (later changed to Fingers Inc. when released on DJ International Records to become a worldwide hit). Probably their most known release is "What about this love" by Mr. Fingers from 1989. This track instantly became a favorite on dance floors all over the globe.
 The label is responsible for many more classic such as "Shine" by Kriss Coleman or "Prove it to me" by Ron Wilson. The label went inactive in 1991, but gladly returned a couple of years later with some great releases. Since late 2007, most of their catalog is available in digital format through DanceTracks Digital. Check out our special mix show showcasing some of their best releases to date.

With so much fresh music being put out at the moment, we are not able to consider everything for our weekly updates that covers each featured release in detail. For this reason - and whenever time permits - we will try to close the gap with a new format called Short Reviews. And of course these reviews will be accompanied by a mix show that will also feature alternate versions of previously reviewed releases.

So let us welcome you to the new Short Reviews on Spirit of House !!

Picks of the Week

Urban Dance Institution "I miss U" (Original Mix)(UDI Records CD Promo)

Urban Dance Institution, the project created by Slovenian DJ Dekky a couple of years back, returns with the masterly orchestrated and performed "I miss U", with Shola Phillips providing a passionate vocal over a smooth funk flavored groove that is enriched with jazzy keys, flute, horns and classic strings. The result is simply wonderful, with a groove and vocal hook that will catch you instantly. The Groove Junkies are on remix duty, intensifying the vibe by using a funked-up, deeper groove and wicked synths that together with the original orchestration and vocals creates a relentless feeling.

Picks of the Week

Liquid People presents Danism featuring Sean Williams "Trouble in paradise" (Tony Records CD Promo)

The label information reads: "Trouble In Paradise" is a pure testament to the roots of R&B flavored vocal house - we couldn't have said it better. This is the kind of vibe we feel has gotten lost and forgotten in recent times, with an inspirational and uplifting vocal full of passion provided by Sean Williams, while the musical backdrop brings back memories of the classic club sounds from the early 80's - groovy and funky, beautifully orchestrated (just listen to those delightful chords), soulful yet powerful. Both a vocal and dub version of this well received treasure are included in the package.

Next are the modern interpretations. The up and coming TJ Inc. (Jacko aka Giacomo Berarducci, Tony Loreto and keyboarder Antonio DiMauro) transform the song into a deep, slightly dark anthem that is fuelled with dramatic strings, lush chords and a marvelous organ. This one is absolutely resistless, guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire. One step further goes the 'Conan TIG Dub', twisting the song into a tougher affair perfect for the bigger rooms and peak time play.


Every now and then, a new star is born and shines bright, but many of those stars disappear as fast as they emerged. Certainly this is not the case with Tony Loreto, a young Italian producer and DJ currently living in Switzerland who has become a household name in the house music scene in recent months thanks to some of the most sought after remixes he has put out with a consistency and quality rarely found these days. There are no limits of genres for Tony Loreto when it comes to remixing songs and adding his own distinctive touch and sound to them as you can judge with him remixing the likes of Terence Trent D'Arby, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder, Sting and also house classics such as "Motherland" by Tribal House or "No smoke" by Koro Koro to name just a few.

Tony Loreto also released the highly acclaimed "The Spirit EP" on Tony Records and most recently various high caliber remixes such as "The meaning of love" by Andy Tamashi and "You remind me" by Kenny Carvajal featuring Swaylo (the result of a collaboration with Abicah Soul), with many more production and remix projects in the pipeline.

Don't miss to check out an exclusive interview with Tony Loreto at our partner site InDaMix Worldwide as well as our exclusive mixshow showcasing some of his production and remix work.

Picks of the Week

WMC Aftermath: Jephte Guillaume featuring Wiltrud Weber "Blue and deep" (Tet Kale Records CD Promo)

If you have been in Miami and had the chance to hear this outstanding piece of music, you know why this production made it straight to our Pick of the Week spot. On "Blue and deep", Jephte Guillaume combines operatic singing courtesy of Wiltrud Weber with his incomparable orchestrations that are full of acoustic and organic arrangements, with a resistless percussion and drum drenched groove leading the way for wonderful melodies and the masterly performed vocals. It may be different and sound unexpected, but with its spirit and the uplifting vibe, this one must be considered an innovative masterpiece. Beside the vocal version, there is also a 'Deepstrumental' that strips most of the vocals to create a more intense feeling. Expect a whole album from the collaboration of Jephte Guillaume and Wiltrud Weber in the near future.

Miami Picks

Jersey Maestros featuring Renee "He's so real" (Unsigned CD-R)

"He's so real" is a brand new production by the Jersey Maestros that yet has to be picked up by a label, but we are sure it is just a matter of time as it features a passionate vocal performance by Renee which gives the track an uplifting feeling, with the musical backdrop being smooth yet fierce, built around deeply thumpin' beats that are enriched with sweet percussion, warm melodic keys, jazzy horns and a lovely funky guitar riff, altogether taking you on a journey through soulful house at its best.

Miami Picks

Chicago Soul Underground "WMC 2008 Sampler" (Mtima Muziki Records CD Promo)

Chicago Soul Underground is a new house production group from the city where house began, composed of DJ Pap and Matthew Kerr. This sampler includes six wonderful productions, kicking off with the laidback "Back in the day" featuring a heartfelt vocal by CB over a deep and soulful musical backing. "On the dance floor" is on a serious funk soaking tip and features sexy male vocals alongside wicked keys that guarantee to keep the crowd moving, while "Sexy McSax" gets deep and features sensual female vocal together with a beautiful jazzy saxophone to create a sexy feeling. "Hal's back" slows down the tempo for some relaxing jazzy house vibes created by a beautiful orchestration. "Surrender" is a laidback and groovy affair featuring the sweet voice of Kenya that is accompanied by melodic chords and sweet percussion. Lastly there is "On the run" with Lauren Ritchie providing passionate vocals over a fierce yet soulful funk flavored backing groove. Top quality stuff !!

Michael Canitrot "Feel the spirit" / "I can love again" (CD-R)

This two track sampler features with Johnny Sanders, Yolanda Graves and Jay Sebag three exceptional vocalists that contribute their part to these productions by Michael Canitrot to make it a remarkable, not to be missed package. "Feel the spirit" is a relentlessly stormin' track featuring mesmerizing keys that together with the uplifting vocals create a contaminous vibe you can't resist to dance to and raise your hands. "I can love again" is a slightly smoother but nonetheless captivating track featuring outstanding vocals and keys that guarantee to set the dance floor on fire.

Picks of the Week

Toni Granello featuring Linda Lee Hopkins "Lift him up" (MapDance Records CD Promo)

MapDance Records turn up the heat with this gospel house anthem by Toni Granello that features an outstanding gospel tinged vocal performance by Linda Lee Hopkins. The beautifully orchestrated original is a smooth yet fiercely stormin' affair built around thumpin', funk soaked groove, with the vocals creating an uplifting feeling. The dub intensifies the funky vibes for an even more captivating feel. The remixes are courtesy the MuthaFunkaz who turn out an absolute masterpiece in form of their deep, funktified mixes that feature masterly played keys, with their dub replacing the lead vocals with an incredibly sexy horn section, inviting you to praise the lord yourself.

Kenny Carvajal featuring Swaylo "You remind me" (Remix)(Phuture Sole Records CD Promo)

Stax (Abicah Soul) and Tony Loreto team up for this marvelous remix that takes this wonderful timeless song by Kenny Carvajal to a whole new level, with Consuela 'Swaylo' Ivy vocals being full of passion, coming straight from the soul. This new remix puts the vocals center stage, with the musical backdrop consisting of a deep yet smooth groove, incredible organ ride and classic strings fortifying the sultry feeling, and the added funky ingredients further strengthen the already infectious vibe. The instrumental lets you enjoy the full musical bliss. As a bonus, a beats version is also included.

Fudge featuring Mani Hoffman" Keep on" (2008 Remixes)(Stalwart Records CD Promo)

The 2005 soulful house classic from Stalwart Records gets a welcome makeover by the Layabouts and Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier. First up are the Layabouts who deliver a wonderful energetic remix that keeps things smooth and soulful at the same time, with Many Hoffman's vocal adding the uplifting vibe to it. The dub mixes take the track to way grounds, letting the synths create a hypnotic feeling. Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier contribute a fierce funk fuelled broken beat interpretation that should not be missed.

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