Picks of the Week

Exclusive Preview: Mario Biondi "This is what you are" (Alex Dimitri South Soul Re-Touch)(CD-R)

Alex Dimitri takes on the wonderful jazz-soul-funky "This is what you are" from Mario Biondi & the High Five Quintet's longplayer "Handful of soul" (an album which we highly recommend, with the High Five Quintet consisting of some of Italy's best jazz musicians). This 'South Soul Re-Touch' keeps the vibe of the original alive, with a soulful yet fierce backing groove being nicely layed under the original orchestration, turning the track into a timeless jazz house anthem.

Picks of the Week

Jihad Muhammad featuring Lorraine Reid "Open your eyes" (Camio Records CD Promo)

With "Open your eyes", Camio present a smooth production by Jihad Muhammad featuring a wonderful vocal performance by Lorraine Reid (who also wrote the lyrics) alongside a lovely guitar by Kelton Cooper and jazzy piano by Vincent Jeffries that is spreading a laidback feeling. Eddy G takes it to deeper grounds while keeping it soulful, with melodic chords leading the way for the vocals and jazzy piano. M-Sol power things up on their take, using a stormin' groove alongside spheric synths and wicked keys to give it an irresistible vibe. Lastly UPZ deliver a deep and groovy interpretation that keeps it laidback with warm keys and a lovely guitar.

Picks of the Week

Roland Clark and Steal Vybe "See the light" (Steal Vybe Records CD Promo)

"See the light" is the kind of song that catches you with the very first listen thanks to the the incomparable voice of the legendary Roland Clark on this deeply groovin' Steal Vybe production that is beautifully orchestrated with wonderful keys and a great vibraphone. The alternative mix takes it as deep as it gets, letting the beats rumble while the spherical keys create a frenzy. Lastly the 'Morning Dub' puts the instrumentation center stage, just using the chorus from the vocals. Simply gorgeous!!

Matthias Heilbronn featuring Keith Thompson "Rock the castle" (Pata De Perro Records CD Promo)

For the first time ever, Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn and Keith Thompson team up on the wonderful "Rock the castle", an infectious production featuring a wonderful vocal performance by Keith Thompson. The 'Soulflower Mix' is on the soulful side combining socca with a smooth house groove, while the 'PDP Mix' gets more techy with its electronic elements. The dubs and beats take the track to another level, inviting you to play around with them.

Picks of the Week

Exclusive Review: The Brooklyn Knightz featuring The Temple Dynasty "He'll give you shelter" (Full Vocal Mix)(Rapture Trax Records CD Promo)

This timeless gospel house production by Phil Hooton and Rob 'Da Noize' Temple is considered by the Spirit of House office as one of the tunes of 2007 so far (it was a former "Pick of the Week" on May 27), and with a brand new vocal version featuring masterly performed vocals by Felicia, Rob 'Da Noize' and Diamond Temple that will drop around September/October on vinyl, this wonderfully orchestrated song gets even more inspiring, taking you on an uplifting and spiritual journey into house music.

Exclusive Review: Raashan Houston "I need to get away" (Monte Carlo Mehtod Remix)(Ruff'N'Tuff Records CD Promo)

Here we have an exclusive preview of the upcoming release by Raashan Houston on George Jackson's Ruff'N'Tuff label titled "I need to get away", available to us in the 'Monte Carlo Mehtod Remix'. It is a beautifully instrumentated song with a passionate and inspiring vocal performance by Raashan Houston alongside wicked keys, with a smooth yet fierce groove assisting in creating a timeless soulful vibe.

Picks of the Week

Flashback: Dee Dee Brave "My my lover" (Unreleased Dubs)(CD-R)
Flashback: Kerri Chandler "Can't let go" / Get out my life"(Unreleased Tracks)(CD-R)

If you followed some of the discussions on the Southport Weekender forums, you know that Kerri Chandler from time to time is sharing some of his unreleased treasures with the public. Here we have a few of these pearls that include unreleased dubs of Dee Dee Brave's "My my lover" underground classic which was originally released back in 1990 on the legendary Movin' Records. "Can't let go" was planned to be released on the "A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin' Volume 2", but never made it onto that album. Finally, "Get out my life" was Kerri's first idea of "Rain" before he scraped it. All of these tracks bring back the feeling of classy, timeless underground house music we used to dance to back in the days.

Picks of the Week

Mena Keys featuring Franke Estevez ""Fuzion EP" (Fuzion Records CD Promo)

Behind Mena Keys is George Mena, a producer and songwriter who ist best known for his keyboard skills (if you who have seen him live, you know what we talk about). With the "Fuzion EP", he presents three beautiful tracks that are all about a wonderful instrumentation that includes marvellous keys. From the irresistible and uplifting "G plays it cool" over the a bit more electronic "Ride in space" to the deeply groovin' "The blast", its all about delightful grooves for the dancefloor.

Picks of the Week

White Caviare featuring Sandra Lima "Divine Love" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

Barcoda present an uplifting tune perfect for those warm summer nights with "Divine love" by White Caviare, with a passionate vocal supplied by Sandra Lima. The main version is a classy affair featuring a lovely flute alongside melodic keys over an old-school flavored groove. The 'Live Dub' is an organic affair built around stompin' beats that serve as base for the keys and vocals, while the 'November Remix' is a funked-up affair spiced with disco flavors. The 'Deep Headz' mixes take things to deeper grounds with stormin' beats and a wicked organ leading the way for the vocals and flute. Remixes come courtey of MoD who fire things up on their funktified reworking that features great keys and spreads an uplifting feeling, while Central Avenue's interpretation relaxes things with melodic keys and classic strings over a laidback backing groove.

Picks of the Week

Funk La Planet All Stars featuring Toni Smith "Summertime" (Funk La Planet Records CD Promo)

Summer is finally here, and with their cover of the Gershwin' jazz standard "Summertime" Funk La Planet present the appropriate anthem for it. Andy Funk & Benjamin Deffe provide an old-school flavored twelve minute journey into uplifting soulful house grooves featuring lovely guitars, classic strings, melodic keys and an inspirational vocal by Toni Smith over a percussion enriched, smoothly stormin' groove. DJ Fudge provides a funktified, steadily groovin' interpretation featuring great keys and a wicked organ solo. His dub is absolutely irresistible, with a relentless groove leading the way for the keys that create a hypnotic feeling.

Picks of the Week

Soularis "Back together" (SunSoaked Records CD Promo)

The next release on SunSoaked will be a cover of the timeless Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack classic "Back together". Produced by Soularis and with vocals supplied by Pete Simpson and Mandy Edge, it stays true to the timeless original, paying it the respect it deserves. The groovy 'SunSoaked Mix' smoothes things down, spreading an uplifting feeling through the passionate vocals and organic instrumentation. The 'SunSoaked Instrumental' strips back the vocals, letting the rhodes to the talking. DJ Meme and MoD team up, powering things up on their take and adding additional funky ingredients that make it a peaktime favorite.


Ten years ago, Jamie Lewis founded the now legendary Purple Music which since then has celebrated many legendary parties and record releases. Purple Music celebrate the 10 year anniversary with parties around the globe as well with volume four in the successful "Master Collection" series. This latest edition features highlights of their previous and current releases as well as exclusive unreleased tunes such as "Music is my shelter" by Ray Paxon featuring Syb & Freda Godlett, "Change" by Djaimin featuring Crystal Reclear & Buddah Monk and "Mountain high" by Smooth Touch featuring G. Sax. Also included is the WMC smash "Unity" by Jamie Lewis (which will soon get a full release). A highly recommended compilation featuring some of the hottest house music around.

Picks of the Week

Domenico Navarra featuring Monique Henry "So lonely" (Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

One of our favorites tunes of the year so far (we got it as part of the "Grooveland Music WMC 2007 Sampler") is getting a full release soon, coming complete with brand new mixes. "So lonely" is produced by by Domenio Navarro and features a heartfelt vocal performance by Monique Henry over a deep and mellow backing groove that is enriched with a lovely guitar and great keys, giving the track a laidback feeling. Jihad Muhammad (with the help of Vincent Jeffries on piano and Kelton Cooper on guitar) takes the track to the next level, reworking it into a soulfully groovin', jazz-flavored masterpiece. On a different direction comes eDeep's interpretation that turns the track into a deep tribal house track with a slight dark edge that features wicked synth lines.

Dajae & Bernard Badie "Tonight" (Tony Records CD Promo)

With "Tonight", Tony Records present one of the standout tunes from this years WMC. Dajae and Bernard Badie team up for a deeply rumblin' funktified track spreading a distinct Chicago house feeling through the moody keys and sexy female vocals that creates an irresistible vibe. The 'Git Down Tonight Dub' is a relentless affair that is all about the funky house groove and bassline hook, with the vocals only sparsely used. David 'Vibes' Tobon delivers the 'Redirekted Mix', a mind-blowing reworking that combines the vocals with a thumpin' beat, acoustic and electronic keys, jazzy organ and a wild rock guitar to create a resistless vibe on the dancefloor.


Studio Apartment (aka Masanori Morita and Noboru Abe) return with their 4th original album, following up the success of the highly acclaimed "People to people" longplayer from 2005. On "For her, for him, for you", they showcase their love for mixing different genres such as house, jazz, latin, afro and brazilian, with the result being innovative dance music full of creative moments. The list of guest artists includes Monique Bingham, Kimara Lovelace, Blaze, Ron Carroll and Deborah Bond who all contribute to this outstanding album.

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