Back in Time: Eleanor "Adventure" (Columbia Records 12", 1988)

Image This track was originally released in 1988 on Columbia Records and was a big club hit back then, thanks to Shep Pettibone who remixed the track for the dancefloor in an irresistibly stompin' way, featuring wicked pecussion and electronic keys. Now this classic has been given a re-release by the german Compost label that features all the mixes from the original release. And for the first time, this track is available as digital download at Dancetracks Digital.

In the Spotlight: Luisito Quintero "Percussion madness" (Rapster Records CD)

Image Finally this wonderful album got a European release (a US release is to follow shortly) after it has only been available as an expensive japanese import in the past. Percussionist Luisito Quintero has been an influential part of Louie Vega's "Elements of Life" project (that combined afro-latin rhythms with jazz ans bossa nova sounds), and he is also a member of the Elements of Life Band  that has been touring around the world.

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Reviews May 21, 2006

Picks of the Week

Jersey Katz featuring Phil Hooton "Hoots house" (Rapture Records CD Promo)

With "Hoots house", Phil Hooton (one half of Jersey Katz) presents a track that takes you on a journey into the deep underground of house music. Phil Hooton himself provides the spiritual spoken words over the hypnotic rhythms created by deeply rumblin' drums, a driving bassline, organic percussion and an evocative hammond organ that is absolutely outstanding. This is an incredible track is spreading an irresitible vibe that should not be missed.

Jaymz Nylon "(A) side" (Nylon Records CD Promo)

With "(A) side", Jaymz Nylon presents a wonderful production that features blazin' beats and marvellous keys alongside sweet and soulful vocals that alltogether create a an emotional and passionate feeling to the listener. The 'Hornstrumental' is pure musical bliss thanks to the horn solo. DJ Spinna is responsible for the remix that perfectly showcases his versatility as he enters new grounds, creating an unequalled piece of quality music that encompasses an irresistible and unique vibe. This release is available at Dancetracks Digital.

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Reviews May 14, 2006

Picks of the Week

Frankie Knuckles "The whistle song revisited" / "Gimme gimme (disco shimmy)" (NOICE!music Records CD Promo)

Frankie 'The Godfather of House' Knuckles launches his new label NOICE!music with a bing bang. First up is a revisited version of his timeless "The whistle song" that he co-produced with Eric Kupper that comes with a new bassline and add rhythms, making it suitable for todays dancefloors while keeping the magic of the original alive. Second is "Gimme gimme (disco shimmy) featuring Nicki Richards on vocals over a fierce groove that is driven by an irresistible, absolutely infectious piano that will drive people crazy. Watch out for a new Frankie Knuckles album to be released soon.

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In the Spotlight: Various Artists "Deep Disco Culture Volume One" (Suss'd Records 2xCD)

Image This is a brand new series by the label that brought us all the Salsoul reissues that will focus on underground disco rarities and future club classics. This series is not about the well known classics you can still hear on radio and easily find as they have been released on many compilation - this series is all about rare and esoteric underground sounds from the glorious era nowadays referred as 'Disco' (to get rid of any confusion: that's the era of the late 70's, early 80's when clubs like Studio 54 and Paradise Garage in New York were hip). A weird and wonderful selection can be found here, including "Won't you try" by Udell, "So much for love" by Moment of Truth (the rare instrumental is featured here!), "Make it last forever" by Donna McGhee (yes, that's the original), "It's so good to know" by Best Friend Around, "Moon maiden" by Luv You Madly Orchestra, and many many more. Get this CD, let it take you back in time and explore the underground of Disco. And don't miss to read the liner notes as they offer lots of interesting information.

Reviews April 30, 2006

Picks of the Week

Feet "Cool Summer EP" (FEET Records CD Promo)

Right in time for summer, Feet Productions are back with an EP full of wonderful productions. Kicking off the EP is "Cool summer", a track that brings back memories of 70's music. Featuring vocalists Michelle and Fil Straughan alongside classic horns and strings over a smooth'n'funky groove - this is soulful disco-house at its best. "So voce", an incredible fusion of house, funk and latin, features percussionist Christian Paoli alongside sweet and sexy female vocals - a piece of irresisitible disco-funk madness that will rock any dancefloor. The EP also includes "I'll think of oyu" and "Excesso", previously only availabe as digital download as part of "FEET Your Soul Vol. 1". Definitely a relase that is not to be missed, perfect for those coming warm summer nights.

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Reviews April 23, 2006

Picks of the Week

Miami Aftermath: FSB featuring Diane Carter "Dr. feelgood" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

"Dr. feelgood" by FSB (Funky Soul Bros) was one of those secret weapons in Miami this year that took the crowd in storm anytime it got played . The Groove Junkies take us on an irresistible journey into soulful funked-up house grooves that are created by chunky beats and a heavy bassline that get enriched with a killer piano line, wicked organ solo and great strings. And then there is the incredible vocal performance by Diane Carter that is full of emotion and passion, not to forget to mention the sexy spoken word message by the Doctor himself that is absolutely resistless and certain to drive the ladies crazy. With vocal, dub and acapella mixes included in the package, this soulful'n'funky bomb is not to be missed.


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Reviews April 16, 2006

Picks of the Week

Tom Moulton "A Tom Moulton Mix" (Soul Jazz Records 2xCD)

Image If you talk about the people that are of most importance in the history of dance music, Tom Moulton will be among those named in first place. He was the one that invented the remix and 12" single, and he is the one that showed the whole industry who to extend the time of a song by taking out the musical parts and solely use the drums for a break, after that he brought the musical parts back in to let the song start again. Now, 30 years after his first landmark mix, Tom Moulton can look back to over 4'000 remixes , of which this double-CD only can bring you a selection of 16 of his reconstructions, but they all perfectly represent his "A Tom Moulton Mix" trademark. Included is a wonderful booklet telling the story of Tom Moulton and giving you a detailed insight who the 12" was invented.


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Miami 2006 (P)Reviews

Miami Sure Shots

Bobby D'Ambrosio featuring Lasala "Runaway love" (SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Producer Bobby D'Ambrosio, best know for his work the the DEF-mix crew, makes his debut for SoulFuric with a cover of the timeless classic "Runaway love" originally performed by Linda Clifford. Chosen vocalist for this project is female singer Lasala who provides a soulful and emotional performance. The 'Osio Remix' is on a smooth and lush tip and retains the vibe of the original, with the dub firing up things. On th 'Classic Mix', Bobby brings back the classic DEF-mix sound. Also included is his lovely 'Reprise Dub'. The Cleptomaniacs deliver an irresistibly throbbing dub that keeps it soulful, while rising star Marquito delivers both a string laden 'Classic Rework' as well as two tougher dubs. A sure shot winner not to be missed.

Djaimin featuring Crystal Re-Clear "Give you" (2006 Remixes)(Purple Music Records CD Promo)

"Give you", one of the defining tracks from 1992, returns in brand new mixes by Djaimin and Jamie Lewis who both include that incomparable catchy loop that the track is so famous for. Djaimin updates his 'Zanz Mix' for 2006, giving it a stormin and groovy outfit. Jamie Lewis reworks the track into a stompin' affair that features an irresistible piano line that is pushing from the beginning to the end. Also included is a 'Gimik Loop', the perfect toy for the DJ.

Ciappy DJ "Sexy" (Tony Records CD  Promo)

About a week ago, Tony Humphries finally launched his new website and label Tony Records, and the release of "Sexy" emphasis why he is an inflluence for the whole dance community for many decades now as he picked up a track that is unique and has everything it needs to rock a dancefloor. Produced by Mr. Jean Productions with voices from Angi Partipilo and drums and sounds from Ciappy DJ, "Sexy" comes in three different flavors. The '2010 Mix' is an electrofied affair with a funky edge, but it sounds different from what you've heard in the past. Listen to it and let it grow on you - it's totally irresistible. The '80s House Mix' is a funky monster that pays reminiscence to classic dance music replacing the electro elements with samples from the past. Finally, the '80s Klub Mix' is a mix of the previous two versions, giving you the best of both.

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