Picks of the Week

Inner Sense "First Vibes EP" (Nineties Records 12")

Image Henri Fontaine aka Inner Sense presents the wonderful "First Vibes EP" that features three tracks that will take you back in time. It's all about glorious deep house grooves and marvellous keys here that create an irresistible and uplifting feeling, with each of the three tracks spreading a true old school feeling that will bring back memories of the early days of house music while giving us the chance relive those almost forgotten moments on the dancefloor.

Picks of the Week

Tiger Stripes "Kayoko" (ProgCity Deep Records CD Promo)


We gave you a first glimpse on "Kayoko" in our WMC 2006 Update in April 2006, now this magic track by Mikael Nordgren aka Tiger Stripes is getting a full release with new mixes courtesy of Kiko Navarro. Mikael Nordgren's orginal version is a deeply stormin' affair, built around afro beats and percussion elements, featuring wicked spaced-out keys on top that together with the vocal samples create an irresistible vibe. Kiko Navarro provides a whole bunch of remixes that take the track to the next level, with a relentless tribal beat leading the way for the percussion and throbbing bassline, with a magnificent synth in tribute to Laurent Garnier being featured on the vinyl only 'Tribute to LG Remix' (the other mixes by Kiko Navarro will be available in digital format only, together with an alternate remix by Mark Joyce).


Picks of the Week

Jazil featuring Kolor Brown "Sugar" (Strobe Records CD Promo)

Strobe Records was one of the leading and most influencial deep house labels in the early 90's, founded by DJs andp roducers Ron Allen and Hayden Andre. Unfortunately, after a few years only, it got quiet around the label. Gladly in last October (see our news article here), the label resurfaced and has been putting out both classic releases as well as new music since then. One of the labels future releases to watch out for is "Sugar" by Jazil featuring a soulful and passionate voal performance by Kolor Brown over a deeply stormin' groove that is enriched with various layers of melodic synth lines and techy keys. A wonderful track perfect for after hours / early morning play, with mixes by Matt DeMario, Uncle Abner and Ron Allen to follow.

Picks of the Week

Dom Navarra featuring Antonio "A thousand words" (Stalwart Records CD Promo)

"A thousand words" is the third collaboration of Dom Navarra with his brother Antonio Navarra who delivers a passionate and emotional vocal performance over a mellow latinesque groove that features a wonderful guitar and harmonic keys that give it a laidback feeling. H&H spice it up by adding funky ingredients and accelerating the groove, making it a definite pick for peaktime play, while DJ Rocco takes it deeper on his interpretation which has a techy feel to it.

Picks of the Week

George Mena & Franke Estevez "Lose control (The Album)" (Fuzion Records Digital Download)

Image George Mena & Franke Estevez have been taking the dance music scene by storm with both their original productions as well as remixes for various artists in the last few years, thanks to their musicianship and love for the music. Earlier this year at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, some of the songs from their debut longplayer "Lose control" have been live performed, building anticipation among the attending music lovers. Now the album has been releaed, including both instrumental and vocal productions featuring a variety of dance community's best known artists such as Arnold Jarvis, K.T. Brooks and Temple Dynasty to name just a few. All the songs on the album showcase the versatility and skills of George Mena and Franke Estevez as they bless us with their uplifting and top quality productions that include influences from various musical genres. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Picks of the Week

Mr. V "Welcome home" (Vega/Defected Records CD / Digital Download)

Image Victor Font - better known as Mr. V - has become a household name in the house music scene in recent years as DJ, producer, remixer and also as MC. On his debut album, he showcases his talents, drawing on his influences and inspirations to create songs that are full of heart and soul, fusing house beats with street flavors such as r&b and hip hop. The tracks feature social lyrics (listen to "Make peace" to get an idea), infectious grooves and beats (listen to "Put your drink down" or "Wind ya body"), with some laidback moments to be found as well. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Picks of the Week

Phil Hooton "When you think your all alone" (Rapture Trax Records CD Promo)
Phil Hooton "Hard Times EP" (Rapture Trax Records CD Promo)

Phil Hooton and his partner in crime Mr. Gamble continue to release musical masterpieces on the Rapture Trax label. This are just two of four new releases he will release in the upcoming weeks and month. "When you think your all alone" features that unmistakable hook form Herbie Hancock's "Stars", backed up with a wonderful instrumentation composed of lovely strings, jazzy keys, hammond organ, dreamy flute and a subtle bassline that altogether create a musical bliss. The second version features an additional brass section, adding some more more jazz flavors. The "Hard Times EP" features the laidback, old-school tinged deep houser "Everythings gonna be alright" and the uplifting "Don't take love for granted" featuring a marvellous piano over a thumpin' groove.


Dennis Ferrer "The world as I see it" (KingStreet/Defected Records CD / Digital Download)

Dennis Ferrer has been one of the driving forces in soulful house music in the past 15 years, with many of his productions and remixes becoming classics. With "The world as I see it", he releases his debut albom that features a selection of recent single releases as well as brand new material, having written and produced (with the help of Selan on "I can't imagine" and Mia Tuttavilla on "Touched the sky") all the songs. The album covers a wide range of genres of house music flavors, ranging from r&b inspired tunes like "I can't imagine", "Touched the sky" and "How do I let go" to deep underground grooves such as "Underground is my home" or the afro-beat ridden "Run free" and "Change the world". But that is not all, there are also the tracks that took the world by storm: "Church lady" and "Son of raw", with "Transitions" and "P 2 Da J" being the next possible crossover monsters. A wonderful album not to be missed. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Michael Procter "Rise up" (MyChan Records CD Promo)

Image Michael Procter, one of the true legends of house music returns with a slammin' release that he wrote, arranged and produced by himself. And of course, this exceptionally gifted singer does bless us with his unmistakable voice that is full of emotion and soul. "Rise up" is an uplifting song full of energy, with Fabio Bacchini delivering an incredibly funky interpretation that features a marvellous interpretation. On the dub, he is firing things up, creating an absolutely relentless vibe that will take dancefloors by storm. Santiago Cortes delivers a deepeer and smoother interpretation that is spreading a more laidback vibe while keeping the uplifting feeling alive. This track is exclusively available over the internet for the time being.

Image Tortured Soul had their first success with the release "I might do something wrong" back in 2001 when the bands only member was John-Christian Urich. Ethan White (keys & backing vocals) and JKriv (bass & backing vocals) joined John-Christian Urich (drums & lead vocals) and the success continued with the singles "Fall in love" and "How's your life". The release of their debut longplayer "Introducing" was just a question of time, and it is a shame it did not get the recognition it deserved upon its initial release in 2004 (on the rather unknown Purupose label) as Tortured Soul showcase their experienced musicianship, blessing us with their soulful music that has influences from soul, afro, samba, house and more. Thanks to UK based R2 Records this gem just got re-released, for the first time not only on vinyl, but also on CD and as Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Picks of the Week

Claude Monnet presents Torre "Panache" (Purple Music Tracks Records CD Promo)

French producer and DJ Claude Monnet presents "Panache" by Torre, their debut for Purple Music. "Panache" is a piece of modern cosmic disco that combines a funktified groove with a hypnotic bassline and electronic elements to create an infectious, 70's styled disco-house track that is absolutley relentless. The dub takes the track to a slightly more elecrtronic level. A second dub will be available digital download only. With all the hype around electro house going on at the moment , this one clearly stands out and takes the genre to a new level.

Picks of the Week

SUMO featuring Clarisse Muvemba "Lovebeat" (HEYA Hifi CD Promo)

"Lovebeat" is taken from SUMO's brilliant album "The danceband" and features a magnificent vocal performance by Clarisse Muvemba. The groove on the main version is nothing than just resistless, enriched with wonderful keys and a vocal performance that adds a touch of jazz to the song. Innocent Sorcerers rework the song into a soulful piano driven broken beat groover, while Karizma adds his trademark beats and some wicked keys to create a deep and moody dub. SUMO themselves deliver an outstanding dub that takes you back to the good old days of disco, being full of percussive elements and effects, with the keys adding the flavours of the new millenium. Not to be missed.

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