Here we go with Part One of the Miami 2006 Reviews. Part two will follow over the weekend.

Miami Sure Shots

Bobby D'Ambrosio featuring Lasala "Runaway love" (SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Producer Bobby D'Ambrosio, best know for his work the the DEF-mix crew, makes his debut for SoulFuric with a cover of the timeless classic "Runaway love" originally performed by Linda Clifford. Chosen vocalist for this project is female singer Lasala who provides a soulful and emotional performance. The 'Osio Remix' is on a smooth and lush tip and retains the vibe of the original, with the dub firing up things. On th 'Classic Mix', Bobby brings back the classic DEF-mix sound. Also included is his lovely 'Reprise Dub'. The Cleptomaniacs deliver an irresistibly throbbing dub that keeps it soulful, while rising star Marquito delivers both a string laden 'Classic Rework' as well as two tougher dubs. A sure shot winner not to be missed.

Djaimin featuring Crystal Re-Clear "Give you" (2006 Remixes)(Purple Music Records CD Promo)

"Give you", one of the defining tracks from 1992, returns in brand new mixes by Djaimin and Jamie Lewis who both include that incomparable catchy loop that the track is so famous for. Djaimin updates his 'Zanz Mix' for 2006, giving it a stormin and groovy outfit. Jamie Lewis reworks the track into a stompin' affair that features an irresistible piano line that is pushing from the beginning to the end. Also included is a 'Gimik Loop', the perfect toy for the DJ.

Ciappy DJ "Sexy" (Tony Records CD  Promo)

About a week ago, Tony Humphries finally launched his new website and label Tony Records, and the release of "Sexy" emphasis why he is an inflluence for the whole dance community for many decades now as he picked up a track that is unique and has everything it needs to rock a dancefloor. Produced by Mr. Jean Productions with voices from Angi Partipilo and drums and sounds from Ciappy DJ, "Sexy" comes in three different flavors. The '2010 Mix' is an electrofied affair with a funky edge, but it sounds different from what you've heard in the past. Listen to it and let it grow on you - it's totally irresistible. The '80s House Mix' is a funky monster that pays reminiscence to classic dance music replacing the electro elements with samples from the past. Finally, the '80s Klub Mix' is a mix of the previous two versions, giving you the best of both.

While you are all waiting for the "Miami 2006 Previews", there is other quality soulful music that is not to be missed.

Picks of the Week

Exclusive Review: Angie Stone "I wasn't kidding" (Original Drum Remix Vox)(CD-R)

"I wasn't kidding" by Angie Stone has been remixed and reedited already a couple of times, but none of the previous versions matches the superiority of this interpretation by King Supreme. His reworking is absolutely irresistible and is based on an infectious groove that uses heavy beats and a deep bassline. This gets topped with stellar keys that create wonderful harmonies, not to forget to mention Angie Stone who presents a passionate and soulful vocal performance full of emotions. Simply magnificent!!

Picks of the Week

Fuzion featuring Chris Herbert "I'm so glad" (Remixes)(Camio Records CD Promo)

One of last years standout vocal tunes, produced and written by George Mena and Franke Estevez and performed by Chris Herbert, returns in brand new interpretations that are simply outstanding. Jihad Muhammad delivers a soulful rendition comprising jazzy flavors that features fantastic keys and wonderful strings over a smooth groove, creating a mellow and relaxing vibe - this is a soulful as it gets. William 'Reelsoul' Rodriguez presents a deeply grooving reworking that features subtle keys and warm chords that together with the vocals create an uplifting vibe. Lastly there is the Big Moses remix, a laidback interpreation that has a classic garage feeling and is full of soulful keys over a mellow bumpin' groove.

This week In the Spotlight, we have some hot album relases:

  • Roy Ayers "Virgin Ubiquity Remixed" (BBE Records 2xCD)
  • DJ Oji "Spiritual Journey" (POJI Records CD)
  • Dimitri from Paris "In the House of Love" (Defected Records 3xCD)
  • Soulheaven presents "Masters at Work" (Soul Heaven Records 3xCD)

Picks of the Week

Jihad Muhammad "No way back" (Chi Town Mix)(Iwanai Music Records CD Promo)

Jihad Muhammad is reviving the twenty year old classic from Adonis with this wonderful interpretation that gives a whole new dimension to the track. While the 1986 original is all about early Chicago House, this new interpretation is on a laidback jazzy tip featuring incredible xylophone and organ solos alongside melodic keys that are layered over a smoothly thumpin' groove reminiscent of the timeless original. This is a fantastic update of the Adonis classic that is spreading an uplifting and relaxing feeling through the wonderful instrumentation.

Mr. A.L.I.'s J.A.M. Sessions "Simple" (Philosophie Music Records CD Promo)

Jere McAllister of Mr. A.L.I. and Carla Prather collaborate for "Simple", a soulful and sweet house production that is based on a percussion enriched, smoothly stompin' groove and deep bassline that get topped with sexy vocals from Carla Prather and warm melodic keys, spreading a laidback vibe. Jere McAllister and DJ Jaycee team up for the remixes that come on a deeper vibe, featuring marvellous keys that together with the vocals give the song a harmonic and uplifting feeling.

Picks of the Week

Voices of 6th Avenue "Man in the mirror" (AceBeat Records CD Promo)
Ricky Nelson "Happy man" (AceBeat Records CD Promo)

As reported earlier this year, Ace Beat Records have opened their Download Music Store where you can buy titles from their back catalogue as well as new music. "Man in the mirror" by Voices of 6th Avenue, a choir founded by 'Ace' Mungin and listing artists and producers such as Charvoni, Intense, Cassio Ware, Kenny Bobien, Eddie Stockley and others, is gospel house at is best. The featured singers are providing an inspirational vocal performance over a soulfully instrumented, New Jersey styled garage production, creating an uplifting and emotional feeling. On "Happy man", Ricky Nelson presents himself with a sensual combination of gospel and r&b styled vocals over a laidback groovin' backing track that features a wonderful instrumentation, spreading a mellow and uplifting vibe.

Antonio Ocasio featuring Annette Taylor "No difference" (deepaGrooves Records CD Promo)

deepaGrooves are going deep with their latest release that is produced by Antonio Ocasio and features a hint of sultry female vocals courtesy of Annette Taylor. "No difference" features various layers of percussion and drums together with an outstanding organ solo, a deep bubbling bassline and wicked keys, creating an uplifting and spiritual feeling. The BLVD East interpretation gives the track an irresistible feeling that takes you on a journey into deep house music with its deeply rumbling groove and the fantastic keys and organ ride.

Picks of the Week

SUMO featuring Clarisse Muvemba "Nini" (HEYA Hifi CD Promo)

"Nini" is the second single from the forthcoming SUMO longplayer "The danceband" (to be released in May). The song features Clarisse Muvemba on vocals who sings in Lingala (spoken in Kongo) on this disco edged afro house production that features two incredible hot guitar hooks alongside stompin', afro styled beats. The vibe of the song is absolutely irresistible, making your feet move as soon as you hear it. Claude Monnet is responsible for the remix, turning the song into a spectular disco monster that grows and grows through its entirety - think of Donna Summer's "I feel love" (Patrick Cowley remix) and you know what kind of intensity to expect. Also included is the bonus track "Bo ningisa", a tribal afro house stomper with heavy bass and wicked percussions that is slightly on a tougher edge.

Picks of the Week

Jamie Lewis featuring Michael Watford "It's over" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

It's unbelievable how time is moving, but it has been a full seven years since Jamie Lewis and Michael Watford teamed up on "For you". Now they unite again for "It's over", a stormin' track with a deeply rumblin' bassline and wicked keys and strings, and then there is the the incomparable Michael Watford who provides an outstanding vocal performance. All of this is resulting in an absolutely irresistible track where the dub mixes take it deeper, adding a true underground flavor to it. To be available only as limited edition release on Purple Music, but this will not be the end of the story...

Picks of the Week

Byron Stingily & Kimara Lovelace "About our love" (Home Records CD Promo)

The new year is only a couple of weeks old, but we already have a contender for anthem of the year. "About our love" is a blazing duet featuring two legendary vocalists in the house scene: Byron Stingily and Kimara Lovelace who deliver an emotional performance. The release features mixes by Ron Carroll who comes up with an uplifting and smoothly stompin' peak time vocal, while 83 West give it a deep underground-ish feeling on their thumpin' dub that features wicked stellar keys. Will Rodriguez (Reel Soul) goes for a deeply stormin', truly soulful take that features some 80's flavors coupled with cosmic keys and a jazzy piano, creating an absolutely irresistible vibe. "About our love" will keep you singing and dancing all night long.

Picks of the Week

Fuzion presents Arnold Jarvis "Justified love" (Fuzion Records CD Promo)

What a way for George Mena and Franke Estevez to open up the new year!! "Justified love" features the incredible voice of Arnold Jarvis and is the follow up to their successful collaboration on "Beautiful love" released on Diaspora Records in 2004. With "Justified love", George Mena & Franke Estevez deliver an oustanding production that features an emotional and soulful vocal performance by Arnold Jarvis over a smoothly stormin' groove that is augmented with orchestral elements and harmonic keys, creating an irresistible vibe that won't get out of your head. Instrumental and a heavily groovin' dub version are also included in this release that should be placed on top of your shopping list.

Moses McClean featuring Rob Burns "Share love" (SoulStar Records CD Promo)

Mitch Moses and Vince McClean return with "Share love" that features singer Rob Burns who turns out an uplifting vocal performance. The original version is based around a fierce and deeply stompin' groove that is enriched with wicked keys. Kicking off the remixes is Brent Laurence who takes it deep on his take, using a bass-heavy groove and laminar keys to create a moody late nite vibe, while Italy's Harley & Muscle go for a subtle interpretation that is full of soulful vibes. Lastly there is the remix by Suges that is a powered up affair perfect for peaktime play with its phat groove.

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