Miami Sure Shots

I could give you a prediction of tunes I believe will be big at this years Winter Music Conference in Miami, but with so much great music flying onto my desk the last couple of days, I'm having a hard time picking two or three out of the bunch. So I decided to let you be the judge - read the reviews and listen to the mixes and make up your own mind. More fresh tunes to follow shortly after the conference.

Also expect a special report on the South African House Music scene with a special mixshow showcasing their style.

Michael 'Spirit of House' Fossati

Miami (P)Reviews

Jamie Lewis "Unity" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

The 1995 classic written and produced by Mike Delgado and Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn (released under the name of Dangerous Minds) gets revived by Jamie Lewis who comes up with a brilliant cover version featuring one of house music's legendary divas (you should be able to find out yourself who we talk about by listening to her unmistakable voice). She delivers a passionate vocal performance over the deeply stormin, absolutely resistless groove that is enriched with magnificent keys.

Various "WMC 2007 Sampler" (Tony Records CD Promo)

Tony Records scored big last year with their WMC sampler - especially Haldo's "My brazil" had been much saught after after the conference. Now this wonderfully instrumentated latinesque track returns, reworked by Maurice Joshua who keeps the vibe of the original alive while giving it a smooth yet powerful feeling, with some extra instrumentation added. Dajae and Bernard Badie team up for "Tonight", a deeply rumblin' track spreading a distinct Chicago house feeling through the moody keys and sexy female vocals that creates an irresistible vibe. "Free to be free" by BBN (Blak Beat Niks) is built a around a kickin' beat that is absolutely relentless, with the combination of keys, horns, male spoken words and female vocals creating an incredible uplifting and intense vibe. The 'Minimal Dub' takes the track to deeper grounds, with the techy keys used giving it a moody feeling.

Monday Michiru "Don't" (Casamena Remixes)(Phuture Sole Records CD Promo)

Carlos Mena (under the name of Casamena) has made himself a name for being a versatile producer and remixer, with many of his unreleased remixes and edits having received cult status with music lovers and enthusiasts. Thanks to Phuture Sole Records, his outstanding reworking of Monday Michiru's "Don't" will get a release soon. It is a very organic production based on a smooth tribal groove created by sweet drums and percussion which featues a deep'n'funky bass, wonderful horn section, jazz piano and inspirational vocals by Monday Michiru (who also plays the flute) that altogether create a live jazz vibe. The 'Front Stoop Dub' is a vocal free take of the main 'Backyard Remix', while the 'Basement Dub' intensifies the vibe and turns it into a stormin' deep house track by using thumpin' beats and classy strings.

Abicah Soul Project "Jupiter EP" (Phuture Rhythms Records CD Promo)

Abicah Soul present a lovely EP of laidback grooves on Phuture Rhythms, the track orientated sister label of Phuture Sole Records. The main track "Jupiter" is included in two versions, with the 'Welcome to Outer Space Mix' featuring galactic (spaced-out) keys over a smoothly thumpin' percussion enriched groove, while the 'Welcome to Mars Mix' uses heavily thumpin' beats and a jazzy piano. "Loco amor" features a beautiful jazzy piano over a deeply stormin' beat, with sweet percussion and spheric keys enriching the feeling. Lastly there is "So funky" which features a wicked organ over a funktified backing groove.

Various "Grooveland Music WMC 2007 Sampler" (Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

Brasilian label Grooveland Music present some of their upcoming 2007 releases on this sampler. Already released (and reviewed here at Spirit of House) is "The time (Cisco Bay)" by Soul Basics, so lets put the focus on the other two features productions. First up is "So lonely " by Domenio Navarro, featuring a heartfelt vocal performance by Monique Henry over a deep an mellow backing groove that is enriched with a lovely guitar and great keys, giving the track a laidback feeling. Remixes by e.deep and Charles Spencer will be included on the final release. Tarek, DJ, composer, producer, promoter and founder of the brasailian LickSamba Music label, presents the wonderfully instrumentated "Desabafo", a latin house track combining various cultural influences into a beautiful musical journey. Expect remixes by John Kumahara and Ian Friday.

Raw Artistic Soul featuring Ursula Rucker "The light" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

"The light" is taken from Raw Artistic Soul's upcoming longplayer "You got rhythm too", a masterpiece not to be missed (see our separate album review). Poet Ursula Rucker is providing an exceptional vocal performance which is masterly accompanied by the grandiosely arranged instrumentation, resulting in a timeless, soulful production that will take dancefloors by storm. On the dub and dub beats versions, Phil Kullmann takes it much deeper, letting the drums and percussion create an intense vibe. The 'Musicapella' strips drums and percussion, resulting in a wonderful laidback reprise. Ralf GUM & CrisP' reworking of "The light" gives the song a soulful electronic feel that is perfect for late night play, while Karizma turns out a set of slammin' mixes on a US garage vibe. His vocal version features a wicked piano riff, with the dub taking it to deeper grounds.

Groove Junkies featuring Robert Max "Get deep, go underground" (Swank Records CD Promo)

While their "Free your mind" is still rockin' the dancefloors worldwide, the Groove Junkies unleash the next bomb with "Get deep, go underground" on Swank Records. Robert Max provides an inspirational vocal performance over a smooth funktified groove that is enriched with great horns and keys, giving it an uplifting feeling. The 'Afro Roots Dub' turns the track into a wicked afro-beat groover that features an incredible guitar solo, while the 'Latin Excursion' relaxes the beat to give it a more laidback summary feeling.

Jaheim "The chosen one" (Geoffrey C Remix)(CD-R)

Jaheim's "The chosen one" (liftend from his 2006 longplayer "Ghetto Classics") gets reworked by the mighty Geoffrey C who uses a deeply thumpin' groove and wicked keys to create an uplifting house version that stays respectful to the soulful and passionate vocals by Jaheim while spreading a true underground feeling.

Kemal featuring Maiya "My faith" (Indeependent Records CD Promo)

The instrumental version of Kemal's "My faith" has been getting lots of support since it was released as part of the "Winter Alleys EP", now the vocal version featuring Maiya is available as this magnificent track gets a well deserved full release. "My faith" is deep house at its best, being absolutely relentless with its kicking beats and classy keys that create an irresistible vibe that is further intensified by the sexy and passionate vocals by Maiya. The package includes reprise and instrumental versions as well as a dub mix that takes it to unimaginable deep grounds.

Various "WMC 2007 Master Cuts" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

What an outlook of things to come from the Purple Music camp we get with this sampler. Franky Boissy has taken on the timeless Odyssey classic "Back to my roots" and together with the incomparable Michael Watford he delivers a magnificent cover version that got remixed by the Muthafunkaz into a resistless gospel house stomper. Yass presents the uplifting "I'm free" that features an inspirational vocal by L.T Brown that is accompanied by passionate female vocals and wicked keys, all put on top of a deeply stormin' groove. Alfred Azzetto presents the feel-good anthem "Colors", a fierce production featuring classic strings and wicked keys that give the track a modern disco sound. Legendary swiss DJ and producer Djaimin returns with "Change" by Crystal Reclear & Buddah Monk, a hip-house track with cool vocals over a slammin' beat. Purple Music also secured the worldwide rights for "That piano track" by Sergio Flores & Mitomi Tokoto that has already created a stir as a hard to find japanese release.

Various "Newlite Muzik WMC 2007 Sampler" (Newlite Muzik Records CD Promo)

While "Bring on the night" by CloudKickers featuring Marcus still rocks the dancefloors worldwide with its wonderful deep reworking by Rocco, Newlite Muzik will present some of their upcoming gems. "For all underground DJs" by Nick and Danny Chatelain sees Rocco scoring big again, delivering a deeper as deep interpretation with magnificent keys over a deeply rumblin' groove that is absolutely relentless. Then we have the long awaited "Merry go round" by Kimara Lovelace that should finally get a release this spring or summer. Two mixes currently available, with the 'So Close Mix' being a classic garage production with beautiful keys over a deep laidback groove, while Roberto De Carlo & Ralf GUM rework the song into a deeply stormin' affair with a jazz-funky edge that is spreading an uplifting feeling through the passionate vocals and wonderful keys.

Various "WMC 2007 Summer Sampler" (MoD Records CD Promo)

MoD Records is a rising star on the global house music scene with, topping with one hot release with another. Their "WMC 2007 Summer Sampler" is a showcase of things to come, and after listening to the included tracks, you'll be yearning for more. "Body language" by MoD featuirng Gee-K will instantly catch you with its irresistible groove, marvellous keys and great keys that create an uplifting feeling. "I can't help myself" by 2 Brothers of Soul featuring Daren J.Bell is featured in the 'Afrohelp Dub', a stormin' affair featuring catchy keys that give it a relentless vibe. "Don't stop the feeling" by Ferry B. ft. Danna Leese is on a more laidback tip, feauting beautiful chords alongside a sweet female vocal over a smoothly thumpin' groove. The just released "See U movin" by Emanuel featuring Georgia Hardinge the laidback 'Higher Ground Raw Deep Orgy Mix' closes the package.

Unknown "Borders don't matter" (Phil Hooton Remix)(CD-R)

Phil Hooton comes up with a marvellous remix of "Borders don't matter" that is spreading an uplifting feeling through the wonderful instrumentation, letting the inspirational vocals harmonise perfectly with the irresistible piano,  wicked organ, melodic chords and horns that are arranged beautifully over a deeply stormin' groove.

Lorenzo al Dino "WMC 2007 Sampler" (CD-Promo)

Lorenzo al Dino's long awaited artist album "Diamond life" is scheduled for a may release. Right in time for Miami, he presents three of the album, giving us an impression what to expect. "Your love" features a sensual vocal by Angie Brown over a groovy backdrop of warm melodic keys and a funky bassline, while "Heaven" is a deeper track with an electronic touch that features a catchy piano and lovely female vocals by Deed, perfect for peaktime play. "Mais linda theme" is an organic production featuring sexy female vocals and a lovely instrumentation that give the track a laidback balearic feeling.

Deep Josh & Angel Pina "Movement" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

Behind "Movement" are Deep Josh and Angel Pina, better known as The Applefunk. With "Movement", they present an elegant production that combines jazzy elements with balearic influences and a powerful groove that is guaranteed to take dancefloors by storm. The dub features additional electrofied keys that give it a cool  and irresistible underground feeling. Also included in the package are bonus beats and a killer intro tool that consists of just the snyths and guitars.

Micky Moore "Victory dance" (Thaisoul Records CD Promo)

Italy's Micky Moore presents the magnificent funk-flavored jazz-house tracck "Victory dance" which features some of the best Itlaina jazz/funk musicians who give this production an organic live feeling in its original version. On his edit, Jask's enhances the orginal with cool beats and great build-ups. On the 'Jedthai Epic Club Mix', Jask shows us another side of his, coming up with a powerful and electrofied take that keeps the jazz-funk flavors of the original alive while transforming it into a dancefloor anthem. Jay-J comes up with something fresh and different, adding a some hip-house flavors to the track, with cool scratch effects and voice samples used alongside the jazzy instrumentation. Lastly Justin Michael & Solo deliver their 'Hermosa Mix', a cool polished interpretation on a bluesy vibe. A great package not to be missed.

DJ Jeroenski "Lust for life" (deVICE Records CD Promo)

Dutch DJ and producer DJ Jeroenski comes up with an excellent production that is spreading an uplifting feeling and lots of positive energny through its deeply rumblin' groove and the jazzy keys in its 'Original' which is the choice for the soulful dancefloors. The 'Electronic Mix' is slightly tougher with punchier beats and added electro synths, making it perfect for bigger rooms and peaktime play.

DJ Tekin "Sunrise in my soul" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

Risin star DJ Tekin follows up his successful remixes and productions with a beauty. "Sunrise in my soul" will bring sun to your heart and soul through the smooth afro-latin beat that is topped with a delightful and uplifting instrumentation of strings and guitars that give it a balearic feeling. With the 'Ibiza Sunrise Mix', DJ Tekin delivers a wonderful downtempo chill-out reworking that invites you to enjoy the moment. Carlos Gallard's 'Disc Doctor' remix is powering things up and adds a flamenco guitar to give it a spanish flavor, while his 'Orange Club Remix' is an electrofied affair perfect for the bigger rooms. Ridney takes the track to deeper grounds, using an irresistibly rumblin' groove as base for the guitar and strings.

Pingo & Bobby "Soul of House Music EP" (Hermosa Records CD Promo)

Sweden's Pingo & Bobby deliver a hot EP full of slammin' tunes. The main track "Soul of house music" is an uplifting track built around a funktified groove and featruing wicked keys and horns alongside catchy vocals that give it a hands-in-the air feeling. The 'Peakhour Mix' is firing things up a tad, putting the horns centerstage and using clever build-ups. Christian Alvarez provides a hot reworking that gives the track a deeper, more laidback feeling. Also included in the package are two fierce triablish tracks: "Let it all go" is spiced with funky ingredients, while "La-teen-oh" is on an afro-house vibe.

DJ Le Roi featuring Roland Clark "I Get Deep" (Deeptown Music Records CD Promo)

Deeptown Music is a brand new swiss label that is kicking off strong with DJ Le Roi who takes on the legendary Roland Clark acapella "I get deep" and delivers an infectious interpretation that is driven by sharp beats and a wicked bassline groove, with the keys intensifying the vibe. Mirco Esposito slightly reworks the track, adding extra percussion and keys. The 'Organic Mix' pumps the beat up and features a wicked organ to give it a fuller sound perfect for peaktime play.

John Crockett "Rolled the 600" (CD-R)

John Crockett has been blessing us in the past with both his vocal and instrumental productions, and recently he got international recognition as featured artists on MKDV's "Twisted" and "656 forever". Now with "Rolled the 600" he presents a wonderful deep house track featuring oustanding keys and synths that are arranged over a deeply stormin' beat, with old-school acid sounds giving the track true underground feeling perfect for late nite play.

Charles Dockins "Dat piano" (Twisted Rhythm Remix)(Loop Science Records CD Promo)

This remix by Twisted Rhythm of the forthcoming Charles Dockins produced "Dat piano" is already causing a stir and gets heavy play by those lucky ones in possession of a copy. The beat is thumpin, and the spoken words and keys toppin' it create an irrestible vibe that you cannot resist to dance to.

Park Street featuring Diana Waite "Pressure" (DoubleShock Records CD Promo)

DoubleShock Records have been going from strength to strength with their past releases, but this latest offering tops all of them. Park Street deliver the uplifting "Pressure" featuring a passionate vocal performance by Diana Waite. Their original version features timeless classic strings and wicked keys accompanying the vocals, all beautifully arranged over a smoothly thumpin' groove. Elektro Organik are funkin' things up on their take, adding a icked guitar riff, while Richard Earnshaw comes up with a slightly pumped up interpretation on a classic tip. Last but not least we have Andy Ward taking on it, using a fiercely stormin' beat as base for the reworked keys that together with the horns create an irresistible vibe.

Panevino featuring Xavior "The way I am" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

Right in time for the WMC, Panevio drop this hot production Spirit of House exlcusively brought to your attention in august 2006. "The way I am" featatures an incredible spoken word by Xavior over a fiercely stompin' groove, with the wicked keys augmenting the irresistible vibe created by the vocals. Instrumental and spoken-apella versions are included as well as fresh remixes by Richard Earnshaw who uses a deepened groove together with great horns and keys to give it a classic jazz-funky feeling.

Various "TriCircle Records Miami Sampler" (TriCircle Records CD Promo)

TriCircle getting ready for Miami with their sampler which includes the massive "Sundance" by DJ Circle released last year, a track perfect for the summer that did not get the recognition it deserves. Ruben Alvarez delivers "Respect to my sound", a massive percussion driven tribal track with catchy keys and laminar synths, while the Stereo Mutants come up with the deep house cut "I love soul" which features wicked keys and sexy female vocals.

ToT "The world as I mash it" (CD-R)

ToT aka The Other Timmy has constantly been blessing the dance community with his eclectic mash-ups. His latest project is not just a single track, it is a reworking of Dennis Ferrer's "The world as I see it" longplayer that significantly is titled "The world as I mash it". Think of "Son or raw" vs Serious Intention "You don't know", "Underground is my home" vs Byron Stingily "Hate won't change me", "Touched the sky" vs John Crockett "Liar king" or "Transitions" vs Darryl D'Bonneau "Free" - what you get is pure'n'fresh underground vibes that will rock the dancefloors.

Dario D'Attis featuring Freda Goodlett "Enjoy yourself" (MapDance Records CD Promo)

Swiss producer and DJ Dario D'Attis teams up with singer Freda Goodlett for "Enjoy yourself", a classic production featuring lovely strings and keys alongside a classy guitar riff, all beautifully arranged over a deeply stormin' groove. MoD contribute the remixes, turning the track into a deeply thumpin' affair with wicked keys accompanying the passionate vocals. The 'Hypnotic Dub' got its name rightly, intensifying the vibe with a deepened groove and irresistible keys. Reprise, beats and acapellas included in the package invite to play around.

Ciappy DJ & Pablo featuring Savio Vurchio presents The Logical Groove Elements "I feel" (ProgCity Deep Records CD Promo)

Ciappy DJ returns for this years WMC with a deep house jewel that is the result of a collaboration with some of his friends. The original version is on a deep and mellow tip, featuring Savio Vurchio on vocals who adds an inspirational touch to it, with a wonderful jazzy piano line giving it a timeless feeling. Raw Artistic Soul provide a deeply rumblin' dub with marvellous atmospheric keys that give the track a deep underground feeling. More mixes to follow soon.

Pashaa featuring Ebony Diaz "Rescue me" (Aquatique Records CD Promo)

Frederic Dinca aka DJ Nemo aka  Pashaa presents the lovely "Rescue me" on the brand new label Aquatique Records. The promo package made available right in time for the WMC offers three mixes (more to follow) of the track that features vocalist Ebony Diaz. John Julius Knights 'Reversoul Mix' is a smoothly thumpin' affair featuring a great piano hook and saxophone that accompany Ebony Diaz' sensitive voice. Pashaa's 'Summertime Funky Mix' gives the track a laidback jazzy-funky edge perfect for those upcoming warm summer nichts, while Patrick Green delivers a stompin' dub that keeps on jammin' in a jazz-funk vein from beginning to the end.

Various "Bounce Muzik WMC 2007 Sampler" (Bounce Muzik Records CD Promo)

Bounce Muzik is one of those wonderful small labels that have constantly been releasing great music in the past years. This year is now exception as they have two beauties in their hands. First up is "Lift me higher" by Tony Powell featuring Dejah (produced by Tony Powell & Gabriel Horizon), a very organic production featuring a warm melodic instrumentation along sweet female vocals. The vibe that is somewhat reminiscent of India's "To be in love", giving it a classic touch. "Good vibez" by Gabriel Horizon (produced by Jesse Outlaw & Gabriel Horizon) is a smooth yet deep track on a jazz-funk tip with magnificent keys by Micheal Green that give it a laidback feeling.

Rasmir featuring K.T. Brooks "Music of my life" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Rasmir Mantree teams up with the extremly talented and gifted vocalist K.T. Brooks for the uplifting "Music of my life", a deeply thumpin' production featuring warm melodic keys alongside an inspirational vocal performance by K.T. Brooks, letting it spread a deep underground vibe on the dancefloor. The 'Bass Mint' version is built around a deeply rumblin' funky bassline that adds organic flavors to the track.

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