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Exclusive Preview: Andy Ward & Sofia Rubina "Streets of the sun" (SoulHeaven Records CD-R)

Soul Heaven Logo SoulHaven have a beauty in their hands with this upcoming release by DJ and producer Andy Ward, featuring the highly talented Sofia Rubina on vocals. "Streets of the sun" is full of energy yet keeps the overall feel soulful, including phat atmospheric synth melodies and sultry vocals by Sofia Rubina over a deeply thumpin' groove. The gorgeous 'Heavyweight Mix' relaxes the vibe and takes the track to deeper grounds, with Phil Asher on drums and Julian Bendall from Bah Samba playing the keys, while the 'DCS Mix' is an infectious deep house gem on a slightly rougher tip featuring spacy keys. Lastly the 'SpinScience Dub' takes the track to late night territory with spaced-out synth melodies.

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Wincie "3 Ways to lose my love" (The Unreleased Mixes)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)
Various "The Best of CyberJamz Vol. 2" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

CyberJamz Records open their vault to present two massive releases. First is a package of fine unreleased mixes of Wincie's "3 ways to lose my love", with DJ Buzzard getting deep and moody on his contaminous remix, while Groove Victim (aka GVA aka Jay Brown) goes back in time on his bass driven old skool flavored remixes, and lastly Blackwax serves laidback after hours deepness loaded with beautiful keys. Second is a collection of unreleased tracks, including a deep hypnotic remix of K.Joy's "Butterflyz" by The Combinations (also included is Paul G's 'Butterflyz In Space Mix' in remastered form), the deep organic "Court jester" by Ronnie Ron featuring Gene King on keys, the deep orbital sounds of Groove Victim on "Outspaced" and a funked-up reworking of Beppe Gioia's "Untitled fantasy".

P'taah "Sun's departure" (Street King Records CD Promo)

"Sun's departure" is the second single from P'taah for Street King Records, and this track is truly something special. The original version is a mind blowing jazz-fusion gem perfect for loungin', with DJ Spinna taking the track to the dance floors with both a deep atmospheric jazzed-out take and a dirty tech-funk fueled affair. And then there is the Manoo serving a beautiful deep thumpin' version on a spacey tip.

Justin Imperiale featuring Davina "Movin' on" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

With "Movin' on", Justin Imperiale presents a wonderful production featuring sultry vocals by Davina Bussey, jazzy keys and a killer moog solo over a smooth funk drenched backing. Beside the original versions, a selection of great remixes is included in the package: Dom Navarra gets deep and laidback on his percussion §fueled take, while Jonny Montana adds his trademark groovy, organic touch to the track. Finally Blu Sol Unit serve a mellow broken beat tinged interpretation that is simply marvelous.

Wil Milton "The Talking Sax EP" (Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

Wil Milton's "The Talking Sax EP" features three lovely instrumental tracks, with "Skyline" being a luscious laidback affair featuring great keys and sax. The summery and mellow "The narrows" is a gorgeous latin-jazz production featuring a marvelous piano, while "Ravel" is on a deep mesmeric tip featuring both cool piano and sax.

Kay Suzuki "Bipolar EP" (Fresh Minute Music Records CD Promo)

Kay Suzuki presents the massive yet versatile "Bipolar EP" including the magnificent "Something to say" featuring heartfelt vocals by Fatima alongside lush chords over a powerful yet smooth backing. Souled deepen the vibe on their remix for series early morning action, while Altered Natives take the track to broken beat territory. "Going down" is a funk soaking broken beat affair featuring wicked vocals by Colonel Red, with Soulparlor contributing a somewhat smoothed down yet groovier broken beat take. "Don't be afraid of the future" combines the best of broken beat and atmospheric soundscapes into a stormin' dance floor monster.

Andrea Carissimi featuring Wendy Lewis "Power in you" (Just4Funk Records CD Promo)

Andrea Carissimi teams up with songstress Wendy Lewis for the soulful bomb "Power in you". The 'Soulful Mix' is super smooth, featuring sweet vocals by Wendy Lewis and enchanting keys, with the 'J4F Mix' firing up the vibe by using a stompin' yet still soulful groove. Central Avenue darken the vibe on their relentlessly stormin' deepened remix perfect for peak time play, while Steven Stone's mixes are ultra cool, featuring lush synths and chords over a deep captivating groove.

BAM "Moving U (hell yeah!)" (Thick Records CD Promo)

We don't know if House can get more funky than this !! The bass line is nasty, the vocals are infectious, and the synths intensify the feel to the max. Demarkus Lewis deepens the vibe on his percussion enriched tribal tinged remix that is absolutely irresistible, with phat chords accompanying the vocals. The bonus track "Keep it real" is serious deepness featuring cool keys alongside sexy vocals over a funk drenched backing.

Exclusive Preview: Abicah Soul Project "A new Day In Chicago EP" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Consortium Muzik present the lovely "A new Day In Chicago EP" where Abicah Soul Project take on selected tracks from the labels back catalogue to add their distinctive touch. Their interpretation of David Brown's "Smile" is a deep moody affair featuring phat synths and chords alongside the vocals, while DJ Aphreme's "Your love" is turned into a kickin' peak time anthem, with wicked synths accompanying Donna Hidalgo's vocals . Last but not least, "Love high" by MCM is given a subtle makeover on a deep after hours tip, combining Tmajaa's vocals with jazzy keys.

Nathan Adams & Zepherin Saint "Circles" (Remixes)(Tribe Records CD Promo)

One of our favorites from last year finally got released in April, and furthermore it was one of the biggest tunes at this years Winter Music Conference in Miami. Now fresh remixes surfaced, taking the track to the next level. Peven Everett delivers a wonderfully instrumented version oozing with jazzy vibes, while Zepherin Saint takes the track to deeper grounds, giving it a techier sounding while keeping the soulful feel alive.

Sister Pearl "Bang the drum" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

"Bang the drum" is produced by Joey Silvero (aka Distant People) who teams up with vocalist Tasita D’Mour to form Sister Pearl. "Bang the drum" is an infectious Afro-House production featuring contaminous vocals by Tasita D’Mour alongside melodic keys and chords, altogether creating a captivating vibe. The remixes are courtesy of Manoo who deepens the vibe and gives the track a hypnotic afro-tribal feel, with the added steel drums further intensifying the feel to the climax.

Soul Purpose "Key Issues Vol 1" (Soul Purpose Records CD Promo)

Martin Ikin returns under his Soul Purpose moniker to deliver the first installment in the brand new "Key Issues" series. Two tracks are included in this release, titled "This beat" and "The forbidden". Both of them take you on a journey to the underground, with relentless grooves leading the way for wicked chords and synths, spreading a hypnotic feeling on the dance floor.

Dubtone "Dub Jams Vol 1" (Nice'N'Ripe Records CD Promo)

As we recently stated, the legendary Nice'N'Ripe label is back, and as they did first time around in the 90's, they create quite an impact on the dance floors. Their latest offering is courtesy of label head Grant Nelson who drops "Dub Jams Vol 1" as Dubtone, turning out three tracks on a serious old school mid 90's tip, boosting that ruff'n'tuff sound with its wicked keys and bumpin' beats. Highly effective, and sounding as fresh as it did in the last millennium.

Exclusive Preview: Filta Freqz featuring Juliette Louise "Is this for real" (Disco ReLick)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Filta Freqz "2 AM" (CD-R)

Here we've got some brand new material from our friends Simon Cortez and Marco Manrique, better known as Filta Freqz. First up are brand new mixes of "Is this for real" (the original version is included on their "WMC 2009 Sampler") that give the track a stompin', funked-up Disco feel thanks to the classic synths and guitar used, available in both vocal (featuring Juliette Louise) and instrumental versions. Next is the remorseless "2 AM", a deeply thumpin' track built around a funktified groove that is topped with captivating synths and cool vocals.

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