Image Soul Jazz release this beautiful retrospective of selected works from Osunlade's many productions an artists that he has worked with over the past 5 years, all of which have been released on his own Yoruba Records. From the first releases - all out of print and collectors items now - to the recent releases as well as numerous Yoruba Soul mixes, you'll find them on this double CD that holds twenty tracks that cover the deep, spiritual afro inspired soul and deep house sound of Osunlade.

Picks of the Week

Tiger Stripes "Missing you" (Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)

Mikael Nordgren under his Tiger Stripes disguise delivers another fantastic track that features seductive female vocals over a smooth afro tribal groove that is enriched with a beautiful instrumentation that gives the song a summery feeling. Mr. V delivers a set of incredible remixes that feature his trademark deep bassline grooves, wonderful keys and organ lines that create a great melodic vibe. These pumped up mixes will have everybody shakin' their limbs, with a dub that no one can resist to dance to as it is absolutely irresistible and groundbreaking.

Picks of the Week

Exclusive Preview: MKDVJC "Twisted" (Code Red Records CD-R)

"Twisted" is produced by the team of Master Kev, David 'Vibes' Tobon and John Crockett who bring us a track that is set to dominate the dancefloors in the coming months. What starts off with a simple yet very effective house beat, turns into an absolutely resistless floor shaker with slammin' drums and incredibly hot synth lines that create an irresistible athmosphere. Listen to it and let yourself be taken away into the outer space of dance music.

Raw Artistic Soul "Miami theme" / "Fela Brasil" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Raw Artistic Soul follow up the list of successful releases on GoGo Music with this wonderful EP that features the incredible "Miami theme", a brass and guitar fueled instrumental track on jazz-funk tip that already gots lots of attention when it was included on the "Spring Collection 06". Now the story continues with two wonderful new mixes: Roberto De Carlo turns the track into a soulful house stomper that emphasis the jazz-funky elements of the production, while Ralf Gum delivers a crowd pleaser with his 'Sax Lick Dub' that brings the saxophone to full effect over an irresistibly bouncing backing groove that is enriched with wicked keys. Also included is "Fela Brasil", one of the highlights of Raw Artistic Soul's first album "What about love". This new version adds a whole new dimension to the song, giving it an uplifting summery feeling.

Picks of the Week

UPZ "Rok da funk" (Camio Records CD Promo)

"Rok da funk" marks United People of Zion's first release on Camio Records, with a rap and spoken words provided Rasu of DKP. The track is inspired by the 70's funk by the likes of P-Funk or Sly & The Family Stone, with reminiscence to Bootsy Collins to be found in the inspirational vocal performance by Rasu. The 'Original Mix' is raw and deep funk with a sexy edge, featuring great horns and a jazzy piano while the 'Phunky Mix' is a souful house jam full of funky flavors like slap bass and funky guitar. Not to be missed is the UPZ' demo mix, a great alternate funk version. The package includes two phat remixes, with Reelsoul delivering a fantastic interpretation that features wonderful keys and great moog synths over a truly deep'n'funktified groove. On a different vibe comes the NJ Project (aka Nick Moss & Johnny Montana) reworking that turns the track into a laidback affair with its marvellous flute, jazzy piano and saxophone solos that are arranged beautifully over a smooth yet deep groove.

Picks of the Week

Nadirah Shakoor "Love song" (Yoruba Records CD Promo)

Yoruba's diva Nadirah Shakoor presents her new single "Love song" that is taken from ther upcoming full length release that is currently in production. Produced by Osunlade, "Love song" is a wonderful laidback song that features a marvellous sultry vocal performance over a sweet percussion filled soulful backing groove that is enriched with a great instrumentation. The 'Yoruba Soul Dub' is an irresistible affair based on a deeply rumblin' groove. The remixes are courtesy of Frankie Feliciano and Bahsonik with both of them providing fantastic renditions. A wonderful release!! Exclusive digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Picks of the Week

Kim English "Missing you" (Remixes)(Litmus Records CD Promo)

This is one of two remix packages of classic Kim English tracks (the other one is the Scott Wozniak remix of "Ces't la vie" on Nervous Records). A&G Project provide a groovy reworking that features sweet percussion and comes with a funky edge thanks to the deeply rumblin' bassline, with the melodic keys and sensual vocals adding the soulful flavors. Richard Earnshaw's interpretations are on a bouncy tip, featuring an irresistible backing groove that is enriched with wonderful harmonic keys. While the vocal version is a soulful and sexy affair, the instrumental puts the keys centerstage, letting them create a more hypnotic feeling.

Image Swedish duo SUMO (Combo and Alf Tumble) follow up the successful remix compilation "Rebounces" with their debut artist album titled "The danceband". The eleven tracks of this album - some of which should be familiar as they have been released on 12" as teaser for the album - continue what started with their first releases in the late 1990's and has been continued since. It is a brilliant showcase of SUMO's versatility as it combines various musical styles like house, afro, latin, disco, tribal, jazz and electronic sounds, creating a fresh and diversified fusion. With lots of world class vocalists and musicians featured, it it just a matter of time until there will be a SUMO live band presenting these wonderful songs. A highly recommended album.

Picks of the Week

Groove Junkies featuring Solara "Paradise" (OM Records CD Promo)

Evan Landes & Parrish Wintersmith aka the Groove Junkies continue their successful collaboration with singer Solara and present the follow up to their massive hit "Just groovin'". Aptly titled "Paradise", that is exactly the place where this track will take you when you listen and dance to it on a warm summer night. With this fierce balearic house track the Groove Junkies explore new grounds, offering a track built around a smooth tribal groove that is enriched with sweet percussion, with an irresistible flamenco guitar leading the way before the sexy vocals and jazzy piano are coming in. With the 'Classic Vox Mix' they bring us another one of those powerful and uplifting grooves that feature undeniable hooks and are full of jazz-funky elements, while always keeping it soulful. Only available as digital download will be an alternate balearic mix and the balearic instrumental version.

BackRoomSounds "Too  late" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

Sam Gibbons is behind this latest offering from Back Room Sounds that features gospel vocalist Fruity alongside a wonderful instrumentation. The track takes you back to the classic days of Philly disco, with a fantastic jazzy flute and incredible horn section alongside a spiritual vocal performance by Fruity. While the 'US Connection' mixes keep it on a deep and laidback vibe, the 'Original Busta Move Mix' is firing things up by augmenting the track with funky ingredients. The Cleptomaniacs deliver an irresistible dub based on a stormin' groove that is enriched with wicked keys and a soul-funky flavor as only the Clepto's can do. The acapella completes the package.

Picks of the Week

Stereo Daze featuring Black Shampu "Jam jam jam (all night long)" (Tony Records CD Promo)

The third release on Tony Humphries' label is a cover of the People Choice classic from 1976 courtesy of Stereo Daze, with vocals provided by Black Shampu. Staying true to the original, keeping it close to the feel and drive of the good old days of funky disco music while adding todays sounds is what make this a standout production. The 'Club Vocal' is a perfect combination of a solid four-to-the-floor groove with funk elements, giving prevalence to the funky elements, letting the guitar licks, piano solo and the incredible vocal by Black Shampu shine all over. In contrast, the 'Akustik Mix' is a very organic take of it that sounds like it was recorded in the 70's. On the 'Deep Guitar Mix', the four-to-the-floor groove gets a more prominent place, while the guitar keeps the funk in it. The two dub mixes add an 80's electro sound to it by using a synth bassline reminiscent of Yaz. An inredible release not to be missed.

Picks of the Week

Erik Rug featuring Dynamax "Tribute to my people" (Remix)(Les Disques du Telegraphe Records CD Promo)

Following the original version of "Tribute to my people" that features a wicked rap vocal by Zulu Nation member Dynamax are funky remixes by L'Aroye &Ky. These mixes are a complete reworking of the original that enrich Dynamax' rap with a children choir singing in french. Music-wise, L'Aroye & Ky use a new school boogie beat with a fender live bass and furious keys that give the remix a funked-up vibe. The result is an old-school styled, disco-flavored track that is spreading an uplifting and summery feeling. Beside the epic extended version the package includes a dub, acapella and edit.


After releasing a series of club rocking 12" over the past few years, it was about time for Franck Roger to release his debut artist album titled "We walk to dance". It took some time to complete this project, but Franck Roger's previous 12" releases for Seasons Limited already gave you an idea what to expect from this album. It is all about incredible deep house music that is straight-up, deep and soulful. Both vocal and instrumental tracks can be found on this wonderful release that is an excellent addition to your box.

For sound samples and digital downloads check out Dancetracks Digital 


With "Aquarian moon", Osunlade might surprise his house music orientated fellows as he returns to his soundtrack scoring origins with this album that tells of his love affair with the Greek Island of Santomi. Furthermore, it pays homage to the rich unspoilt culture that can be discovered there. It is a musical journey describing his experiences that is full of feelings, recorded live over a 12 day period.

Osunlade offers a deep and ambiently solemn selection of songs that create a laidback vibe with their lush orchestration of strings, divine horn solos, sweet guitars and smooth percussion. Lots of influences can be found, ranging from traditional african sounds to fat breaks and jazzy broken beats.

With this album, Osunlade explores musical grounds he only touched on before, emphasising his position as a hugely respected producer, musican, label owner and DJ.

For sound samples and exclusive digital downloads check out Dancetracks Digital (the CD includes a hidden 13 th track "In right" that is continued after the 12th track).

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