Various - New Horizons EP Vol. 1 ** Exclusive Preview ** The "New Horizons EP Vol. 1" is a collaboration between Camio and Consortium Muzik, featuring two marvelous remixes by Jonny Montana (keys provided by Bennett Holland). First up is J.S.O.U.L, an artist that impresses with his outstanding talents (check him out on MySpace, lots of beautiful music to discover). The original version of "Frequency" is a celestial soul/r&b song with a touch of hip-hop (watch a live performance of it on YouTube) that gets infused with the beloved smooth yet jazzy Jonny Montana sound, with the result being a laidback broken beat flavored mid-tempo groover. Second is "Feel the sunshine" by Andy Tamashi featuring deeply felt vocals by Wendy D Lewis that is given a distinct broken beat twist by Jonny Montana, with the jazzy keys and melodious chords together with the funk oozing backing creating a blissful feel.

Picks of the Week

Suges featuring Limore "Without me" (Soulstream Records CD Promo)

Suges featuring Limore - Without me "Without me" was produced by Adam 'Suges' Sugar back in 2004 but got rejected by the label which originally commissioned the song as they thought its to dark and morose. Thanks to Soulstream Records the song finally sees the light of the day, with Suges remastering the entire piece and adding some touches to it, keeping the overall feel on a dark and moody old school tip, with Limore's sensitive vocals, gentle piano and lush atmospheric melodies intensifying the feel to the max for a hypnotic journey. The remixes are courtesy of Martino Lozej who further deepens the vibe and gives the track an even darker actually tougher touch. Simply outstanding, one not to be missed.

Diephuis "Deeproots EP" on AfraZoo Records CD Promo)

Diephuis - Deeproots EP Diephuis (aka Marty and BjazZ) present the not to be missed "Deeproots EP" featuring four massive Afro flavored deep house tracks, all of them oozing with deep'n'soulful yet contaminous percussion enriched grooves and luscious atmospheric melodies, not to forget the jazzy ingredients and authentic African chants to be found on some of the tracks.

Ayce DJ & Karlito featuring Paul Lee - Havana Back in March, One51 Records blessed us with their "WMC 2009 Sampler" which included the 'Original Riomix' of this beautiful laidback Latin house production titled "Havana" by Ayce DJ (Ayo 'Ayce' Oyerinde) and Karlito (Karlos 'Karlito' Edwards), featuring dazzling vocals by Paul Lee alongside a classy jazzed-up instrumentation. Such a great song doesn't need a plethora of mixes, so it solely down to Richard Earnshaw who delivers a masterly crafted uplifting interpretation featuring delicious keys and horns, perfectly arranged over a groovy backdrop. His dub subtly changes things around while retaining the vibe and stripping the vocals to let the music do the talking.

Picks of the Week

Anto Vitale featuring Tamara Wellons "Out of this world" (Remixes)(Seasons Limited Records CD Promo)

Anto Vitale featuring Tamara Wellons - Out of this world (Remixes) It has only been three months since Anto Vitale presented the brilliant, not to be missed "Out of this world" which features deeply felt vocals by Tamara Wellons. Now we get a delightful remix package, with Jose Carretas kicking things off with a marvelous interpretation using a subtle percussive groove as playground for gentle keys and the outstanding vocals. Next is DJ Spinna who adds his trademark touch, with the sublime synth melodies and the deep slightly electronic backing creating a hypnotic feel. Lastly Carlos Mena reworks the song into a percussion driven, jazz flavored broken beat affair oozing with soul.

ChrisIDH featuring Nickson - I lost a good friend ** Exclusive Preview ** Brand new Italian label Spirit Sound Records launches with a bang, presenting the marvelous "I lost a good friend" courtesy of ChrisIDH which features heartfelt vocals by singer Nickson. The original version is deep yet laidback, featuring a wonderful organ ride and melancholic synths over a thumpin' backdrop. Tony Loreto's stompin' 'Spirit Sound Classic Mix' is classy, with lush keys and chords accompanying the vocals, while his other remix is the choice pick for peak time play thanks to the dramatic synths used. DJ Hypnosis contributes a deeply rumblin' version loaded with mesmerizing synth hooks and warm melodies, while Mark Di Meo goes deep and sensitive on his interpretation fueled with sweet percussion and subtle keys. Lastly Antonio Di Mauro serves a beautiful Disco-House rework with Balearic touch somewhat reminiscent of the legendary Santa Esmaralda sound.

Picks of the Week

Stephanie Cooke "Thinkin' I'm beautiful" (Sean McCabe Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Stephanie Cooke - Thinkin' I'm beautiful This is the second release of the week that lets us enjoy the unique angelic vocals of Stephanie Cooke, with herself and the Soul Dhamma crew out of Philadelphia on production duty. Sean McCabe is responsible for the slammin' four-to-the-floor mixes, using a straight up backing as playground for the vocals, jazzy piano and warm synth melodies which altogether create an uplifting feel. His mesmerizing dub deepens the vibe for relentless peak time action.

DaSoul, Fabry Diglio & M.A.D. Boss featuring William Scott "Moon in Taurus" (City Deep Records CD Promo)

DaSoul, Fabry Diglio & M.A.D. Boss feat William Scott - Moon in Taurus DaSoul and Fabry Diglio follow up their club hit "Direction" with another sure-fire dance floor smash titled "Moon in Taurus", teaming up M.A.D. Boss and singer William Scott. The 'House Garage Original Mix' starts things off slightly dark and dirty before compelling Afro tinged vocals and delicious keys turn the track into a soulful affair. The 'Deep Mix' takes the track to deeper somewhat moody grounds, while the 'Afro Dub' is an exquisite laidback Afro drenched dub. Finally the 'Old School Dub' is a summery affair fueled with lush chords and jazzy piano.

MoHo Vaults Vol. 1 It all began back in June 2002 when the Groove Junkies (Evan Landes & Parrish Wintersmith) launched their own label MoreHouse Records with "Inside my soul" featuring Solomon Henderson, and since then the label has put out 34 massive releases, many of which are considered classics. With release #35 just around the corner, the label is about to drop "MoHo Vaults Vol. 1 (Best of MoreHouse)", a twelve track selection available both un-mixed and mixed by the Groove Junkies. Included are such gems as "Love has come around" by Morten Trust, "Life is what you make it" by MoHo All Stars featuring Solara, "Music's gotcha jumpin'" by Groove Junkies feat Indeya or "Devotion (part 2)" by Groove Junkies feat Prophet & T.C. Moses to name just a few.
Loveslap - In the Name of Love Launched at the beginning of 2000, Loveslap presents their 51st release, an eleven track compilation showcasing the variety of different genres covered by the label in the past, present and future. The compilation reaches back to the early days with gems such as "Belle et bete" by Charles Spencer featuring Yshara but also includes current anthems such as DJ Spinna's remix of "Don't play" by Galaxy Group featuring Lady Alma, and of course lots of material from in between - Spencer Gray featuring Heather Johnson "Pillow talk", Julius Papp "Le deep" or Harness & Spencer "Taboo Jazz" are just some examples. And you also get a preview of things to come with the 'Domu House Dub' of Galaxy Group's "Out of control" featuring Capitol A and Carla Prather.
Groove Junkies featuring Chappell - You love House The Groove Junkies team up with the highly talented Chappell to deliver "You love House", an uplifting feel good production guaranteed to become a timeless anthem. The main mix is a joyous blend of a funk drenched four-to-the-floor groove with elements of Afro and unequaled Philly Disco, with Chappell contributing outstanding vocals. The alternate mix flips things around and turns the track into an infectious latin flavored dance floor gem. The remixes are courtesy of Ruben Mancias who reworks the track into a deeply drivin' jam featuring captivating synths and wicked rhodes, while Stuttering Munx serve a deep hypnotic tech-house dub loaded with lush pads, Chicago stabs and cut up vocals. A 'Spoken Word Acapella Tool' completes the package.

Picks of the Week

Cassio "I love you" (Aqua Sol Records CD Promo)

Aqua Sol Records It has been a while since Cassio's last release (five years to be exact), but now he is back with the Big Logan produced "I love you" (with an album to follow around March 2010). Cassio's unmistakable vocals, relentless beats and drums, sweet percussion, infectious keys and a jazzy piano - these are the ingredients used to create an absolutely irresistible underground house anthem similar to the ones we used to dance to in the past. Trinidadian Deep relaxes the vibe to deliver one of his trademark deep epic journeys, using lush melodies to create an amorous feel. Stephen Rigmaiden's hypnotic take is all about contagious atmospheric synths over a percussively thumpin' tribal backing. Not to forget Bradford James who takes the track as deep as it gets, turning out a fantastic interpretation full of sweet melodies.

Windimoto featuring Victor St. Clair "Don't leave me alone" (Phuture Sole Records CD Promo)

Windimoto featuring Victor St. Clair - Don't leave me alone One of the most sought after tunes from this years Winter Music Conference finally hits the shelves (well for the time being the digital music stores). Phuture Sole Records bless us with an spanking release, a remix package of "Don't let me leave alone" by Windimoto, a song featuring a marvelous vocal by Victor St. Clair originally released by InterDependent Music at the beginning of 2008 (if you never heard of that label you're in good company). Ian Friday delivers a masterpiece of a remix that impresses with a soulful yet irresistible organic feeling, with the jazzy keys and synth chords being absolutely gorgeous. Abicah Soul deepens the vibe on his interpretation that uses a smooth percussion enriched groove, jazzy piano and classic strings to create a laidback feeling. His dub gets deeper, with techy keys added for a more hypnotic feel. Finally Pirahnahead gives the track a soulful yet laidback feel on his delicious funk oozing remix.

Various - Soul Enters Every Dancer Vol. 2 With "Soul Enters Every Dancer Vol. 2", Seed Records present a massive sampler of things to come in the near future, including eight unreleased tracks from the likes of Stephen Rigmaiden, Seedadian Deep, Bradford James, Nef Nunez, Able Flo, Jose Gonzalez, Mikaris and Licksamba. From the first to the very last track, this sampler is pure deepness produced by people devoted to deep house music, taking you on a journey through the various different styles of this genre. Highly recommended.

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