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Bah Samba featuring Tasita D'Mour "Live in the summer" (Favouritizm Records CD Promo)

Summer is here, and this musical nugget by Bah Samba is guaranteed to be your perfect companion in this beloved season of the year. "Live in the summer" features the one and only Tasita D'Mour on vocals, and comes your way in a selection of fresh'n'breezy mixes. Bah Samba's masterly orchestrated, chic and soulful 'Calor Mix' oozes with delicious jazzy flavors, reworked by Andy Ward into a super cool summery house groover with a funky twist, with his dub entering deepest territory. DJ Meme injects the song with sun-drenched Latin-house vibes, while Filsonik's deep hypnotic dub will make you sweat while dancing to the infectious synths and slammin' beats. Closing the package are The Super-Phonics with their smokin' old school boogie jam.

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Grei Matter Logo Yass and Sebastien Grand produced this masterpiece which features the combined vocal talents of Jay Sebag and Tahira Memory. The uplifting "All I'm asking for" is deep and laidback yet mesmerizing, using a smooth percussion enriched groove as base for outstanding vocals, marvelous keys and fender rhodes. Besides vocal and instrumental versions, there is a also a dub that deepens the vibe. The remixes are courtesy to TJ Inc aka Tony Loreto and Jacko who serve three different versions. Their 'Main Vocal' is all about marvelous melodies over a deep funk drenched groove, while the moody 'Alternate Vocal' is a deepened, stripped down version of the original. Finally their 'TJ Inc Dub' goes as deep as it gets, with the atmospheric synths creating a hypnotic feel.

Picks of the Week

Fast Vision Soul "Babatunde" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Fast Vision Soul - Babatunde Italy native Francesco Briganti aka Fast Vision Soul presents "Babatunde", a deep yet irresistible afro house production based around a smooth tribal-ish groove that is topped with enchanting strings and infectious synth melodies. Ralf GUM's main interpretation is simply wonderful, using a relentlessly kickin' backing, organic guitar licks, luscious keys and jazzy sax to create an infectious vibe. On the 'No Solo Mix', Ralf GUM drops the sax to further intensify the vibe. Also included are two wicked DJ tools.

Anto Vitale - Out of this world Anto Vitale follows up the highly acclaimed collaboration with Tamara Wellons on "Broken wings" with another brilliant not to be missed production. "Out of this world" features his distinct arrangements and jazzy keys alongside lush synths and deeply felt vocals by Tamara Wellons over a broken beat styled, percussion enriched backing. The 'Shabu' mixes turn the track into a relentless four-to-the-floor stomper that never lets down the soulful feel.

Picks of the Week

Dolls Combers present Venger Collective "9' clock" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Venger Collective - 9 clock The uplifting "9' clock" is written by Vladislav Vengerovsky and Alexander Lygin and features sultry vocals by Alexandra Magerova alongside an exquisite live instrumentation that give the track an organic jazz-funk fueled feeling. The Dolls Combers keep the vibe of the original alive while turning the track into a soulful house groover, followed by Souldynamic whose rework is deeply rumblin' and features phat synths and chords. For a summery, laidback take look no further than the groovy Island Groove remix which has got a lovely Balearic touch to it.

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Vick Lavender - Better baby (Remixes) Vick Lavender's marvelous "Better baby" which features outstanding vocals by Peter Jericho returns with brand new mixes for the summer. Vick Lavender stays close to his previous mixes and adds sweet percussions and a gorgeous bassline to slightly intensify the feel while keeping the wonderful laidback vibe alive, while DJ Man-X gives the song a summery feel on his classic styled remix, letting the live bass and delightful keys create a captivating feel. Pure musical bliss - soulful house at its best !!

Picks of the Week

Tarek "Desabafo" (Guy Robin Remix)(GrooveLand Music Records CD Promo)

Tarek - Desabafo (Guy Robin Remixes) "Desabafo" by Tarek, one of last years summer anthems, returns in brand new mixes by Guy Robin. This latinesque house masterpiece is taken to the next level by Guy Robin who uses smooth beats, masterful rhodes and keys, sweet synths, the original trumpet and an off the chain guitar which all together create an uplifting summery feeling.

Jerk House Connection - Each and everyday Just three months ago, the Rocco remixes of Jerk House Connection's 2003 latin flavored classic "Each & everyday" took Miami by storm, and they soon became a favorite of ours too. And now brand new Raw Artistic Soul remixes found their way to our CD players - we fell in love with them immediately... Akram Sedkaoui's incredible voice shines on these marvelous remixes which feature a masterly orchestration including sweet guitar, jazzy fender rhodes, piano and hammond organ, all perfectly arranged over a smooth yet contaminous percussion enriched Afro-tastic groove. Beside the main vocal and instrumental versions there are none less than three absolutely irresistible hypnotic dubs and a beats version taking the track to the deepest underground. Be sure to add this to the top of your want list.

Picks of the Week

Roberto De Carlo featuring Colin Corvez "You are the one for me" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Roberto De Carlo - You are the one for me Roberto De Carlo takes on the timeless D'Train anthem "You are the one for me" and present his respectful 21st century interpretation that oozes with heartfelt vocals by Colin Corvez and incredible keys by Simon Grey, with the old skool tinged, funk soaked backing creating a resistless feel. Diego Auguanno contributes a classic styled version spiced with classy synths and Disco elements, while Miguel Migs' dub is the choice for peak time play thanks to its relentlessly stormin' groove.

Rachel Claudio - Gotcha "Gotcha" first saw the light of the day on last years "Jaffa Music EP", now it finally gets a well deserved single release. Said release included the 'Nassau Remix', a fiercely stormin', funk drenched affair featuring wicked keys and classic strings alongside passionate vocals, and the 'Deep Inc Discofied Mix' which goes deeper and relaxes the vibe for a groovier take on a Disco tinged tip, with a beautiful piano accompanying the vocals. Freshly added are remixes by The Jaffers who serve a funky monster on their old skool styled broken beat take, while Alan de Larniere relaxes the feel for a dreamy Latin flavored broken beat affair. Lastly Salokin takes the track to the bigger rooms with his stompin' electronic rework.

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