Various - Soul Enters Every Dancer Vol. 2 With "Soul Enters Every Dancer Vol. 2", Seed Records present a massive sampler of things to come in the near future, including eight unreleased tracks from the likes of Stephen Rigmaiden, Seedadian Deep, Bradford James, Nef Nunez, Able Flo, Jose Gonzalez, Mikaris and Licksamba. From the first to the very last track, this sampler is pure deepness produced by people devoted to deep house music, taking you on a journey through the various different styles of this genre. Highly recommended.
Arnold Jarvis & DJN Project - Wake up ** Exclusive Preview ** The one and only Arnold Jarvis teams up with DJN Project for the old school flavored "Wake up" featuring killer keys and piano alongside a lovely guitar and Arnold Jarvis' velvet vocals, all perfectly arranged over a funk drenched percussion enriched groove. The dub gives the track a deepened mesmeric feel, while Master Kev & Tony Loreto contribute an underground-ish thumper featuring a wicked organ ride. John Crockett's laidback melodious interpretation features fantastic jazzed-up keys over an organic backing. Also included is a marvelous down tempo r&b version of the original oozing with plenty of soul.

Picks of the Week

Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham "Little W.12th St." (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham - Little W.12th St. Ralf GUM and GoGo Music once again hit the mark with their latest release. Ralf GUM and Monique Bingham got together to present the follow up to last years number one soulful anthem "Kissing strangers", and the result is the mind-blowing "Little W. 12th St.", an eclectic soulful yet contaminous production with outstanding vocals and a blissful jazz-funk orchestration. Ralf GUM's 'Deeper Dub' is sexy and hypnotic - and then of course deep as hell, just the way it got to be. Next is a sophisticated laidback interpretation courtesy of DJ Spinna creating an epic soundscape through the celestial melodies. Finally you get a deep and groovy dub by Benny Pecoraio that is guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

Exclusive Preview: DeepCitySoul "Earthy angel" (DeeCeeEss Records CD Promo)

DeepCitySoul - Earthy angel Both DeepCitySoul and DeeCeeEss Records are getting stronger with every release, and you surely will agree after listening to this masterpiece. The uplifting "Earthy angel" features outstanding vocals by Jonathon Allen and Darren Ellison, jazzy keys and classic brass over a contagious funktified house groove. The 'ZEP Mix' is deeper and gives the track a more laidback feel. Both Guy Robin and Sir Piers deliver soul drippin' interpretations you can't stop to listen to, while Dropfunkdialect go funky on their broken rework. Finally, Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri together with sax player Fabrizio Scarafile take the track to deeper eclectic grounds. This one got timeless written all over it.

Stalwart 5 Years Part 1 In the fall of 2004, DJ Rork, Olivier Velay and Jean-Christophe Nicolas set up Stalwart Records, with the first release being "Never" by Jay "Sinister" Sealée vs. Earth, Wind & Fire. The label has released many house classics since then, from artists such as Michelle Weeks, Aaron Ross, Kentphonik, Steal Vybe, Mustafa, Lenny Fontana, Joi Cardwell, Dom Navarra, Steven Stone to name just a few, putting them among the most respected soulful house labels. To celebrate their five year anniversary, the label presents a retrospective compilation which also includes the laidback and jazzy "U thando", Kentphonik's follow up to "Hiya kaya" featuring sensitive vocals by Mimi. Volume 2 will be released by end of this year. A full DJ mix by DJ Rork is also available.
Animal House Logo ** Exclusive Preview ** With their previous production "These days are gone" (released through Vega Records) still rockin' dance floors worldwide, Alex Finkin & Reverend P are about to drop their next bomb titled "Gone away" featuring the unmistakable Jocelyn Mathieu on vocals. The 'Club Mix' is soulful yet infectious, with a relentlessly thumpin' groove leading the way for jazzy keys and lush chords. The 'Deep Mix' gives the track a deeper, more laidback yet captivating feel, while the 'Disco Mix' combines the sultry vocals with a Disco-Funk flavored organic orchestration including a wonderful guitar solo and off the chain piano.

Picks of the Week

Shane D featuring Donna Hidalgo "Inside out" (Look At You Records CD  Promo)

Shane D featuring Donna Hidalgo - Inside out For the past few weeks, South Africa's Shane D has been amazing us with his stellar productions and remixes, and his latest one is no exception. The Jesse Rae written "Inside out" is a timeless Disco-Funk classic by Odyssey dating back to 1982, here given a subtle new interpretation using a soulful funk soaked backing, sweet funky guitar, old school styled keys and classic strings alongside heartfelt vocals by Donna Hidalgo. The 'Ds Refunked Dub' is a peak time gem thanks to the added keys which intensify the vibe to the max. The 'Lucius Lowe Extra Saxiness Mix' adds a jazzy sax and slightly deepens the vibe, while Anthony Weeling's 'Sunset ReDub' is a deep tech-soul rework.

Enjoy the latest batch of reviews full of the deeper tracky stuff...

BSC presents Daniel Reis - Monjolinho EP With the "Monjolinho EP", Daniel Reis, Brazilian Soul Crew's session musician, presents two marvelous jazz fueled tracks. "Monjolinho Jazz" oozes with a smooth yet resistless broken beat flavored groove and luscious keys, reworked by the Brazilian Soul Crew into a delicious deep house gem, while Trancemicsoul deepen the vibe to the max and use lush atmospheric synth melodies to give the track an outer space feel. Rounding the release off is "Afro blues", a ruthless afro drenched tribal stomper featuring freaky keys, with the 'Piano Mix' featuring an extra jazz-tastic piano.
 Picks of the Week

Various Artists "LIberate Recordings Sampler" (Liberate Records CD Promo)

Liberate Logo LIberate Records was founded by Doc Link and EMan back in 2006 and has been going from strength to strength since then. This sampler features selected tracks from current and future releases from the label. Kicking things off is the melodic Jon Cutler remix of Angel-A's "Escape" featuring sensitive vocals and warm keys over a deeply thumpin' backing. "Flipscapes" by EMan and Doc Link gets remixed by Mr. V who fuses the spoken word with cosmic keys and an insisted rhythm. MSRS (Mike Sarkus & Ralph Session) team up with EMan for the emotional "Soul liberation" featuring pianist Onaje Allan Gumbs, reworked by Demarkus Lewis into a deep yet jazzy, truly mesmerizing gem. Lastly there is "Lady from Islay" by Single Matt Syndicate, remixed by Todd Terry into a dark synth driven main room favorite.

Sole Channel logo Italy's DaSouL and Fabry Diglio present serious deepness with "Direction", featuring sensitive vocals and spoken word poetry courtesy of Nadine Navarre. The original is a gorgeous laidback affair featuring lovely guitar and sweet keys, with the 'Hypnotic Rhythms Dub' deepening the vibe for a more intense feel. The wonderful 'Nu Jazz live Reprise' is perfect for chillin', while Mr. V turns the track into a deep relentless tech-soul stomper. Will 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez delivers one of his trademark smooth remixes fueled with lush keys and chords, followed by Boddhi Satva's deep afro-tech rework. Lastly Martino gives the track a deep outer space sounding.

Picks of the Week

Mustafa featuring Natalia "Circles 2009" (The Remixes)(Tony Records CD Promo)

Mustafa - Circles Mustafa Shabbar's classic "Circles" was originally released back in 1998 on YellOrange Records, and its safe to say this timeless production featuring an outstanding vocal by Natalia was light-years ahead of its time - who could predict afro-tech would become so hip one day? Back to present day, we have a slammin' remix package in front of us, with Boddhi Satva delivering a deep soul-tech interpretation as only he can do, combining Natalia's haunting vocals with celestial key stabs and a deep contaminous groove (a tougher dub is included too). Next are Tony Loreto and Jacko as TJ Inc, serving a deeply pounding vocal version featuring atmospheric synths and jerky keys. Their vocal and instrumental dub versions are raw and chunky, featuring killer chords over heavily stompin beats (think of Sandee's "Notice me" and you know what we talk about here).

The Sound of Reelgroove - The House Collection ReelGroove gave us a taste of what to expect from this mixed compilation when they released a sampler of selected tunes back in early July. Beginning of this week the 2xCD found its way to our desk, and we've been groovin' to it since then. Selected and mixed by label head Greg Dorban, each CD has its own theme: CD1 is titled "Soulful Sophistication" while CD 2 is titled "Cultured Clubroom". The first CD takes you on a smooth journey through the best soulful house has to offer, before the second CD makes you dance and sweat to the relentless deep house grooves currently rocking dance floors around the globe. Highly recommended.

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