In the Spotlight: AtJazz featuring "Full Circle" (Mantis Records CD Promo)

Image It has taken some time for AtJazz (aka Martin Iveson) to present the follow up to his "Labfunk" long player, but now its finally here. Titled "Full circle", the just released album includes collaborations with an impressive selection of vocalists such as Ernesto, the legendary Robert Owens, Mr. J (from Phuturistix), Dawne B, Sarah-Jane Morris and Clara Hill amongst others. The album is a musical treat, offering you  a soulful blend of various musical styles such as house, hip hop and funk, melting studio sounds with live instrumentation. The result is electronic music at the more organic end of the spectrum. Highly recommended.

Reviews December 7, 2008

Picks of the Week

Rita J "Just listen" (Vick Lavender's Reel Underground Remix)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)
BSTC featuring Keana Johnson "Come fly away with me" (Vick Lavender's All Soul Remix)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)
BSTC featuring J.L "I love it" (Vick Lavender's All Soul Rework Mix)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

What a gift from Vick Lavender this week, blessing us with three masterly crafted interpretations, all featuring keyboard play by Mike Logan. First up is his slow paced rework of "Just listen" by Rita J that is smooth as silk and features beautiful keys that harmonize perfectly with the sweet vocals and mellow groove. Next is his take on "Come fly away with my" by BSTC featuring a sultry vocal by Keana Johnson and a marvelous orchestration including wonderful keys, classic strings and a vintage bassline that give the song a timeless uplifting feeling. Last but not least there is his laidback and remix of "I love it" by BSTC featuring sensitive vocals by J.L over a laidback slowed down groove that is enriched with a beautiful trumpet by Kafeli and jazzy keys.

Groove Junkies present Rick Keller "Black man in the White House" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

"Black man in the White House" features woodwind specialist Rick Keller and is the Groove Junkies' way to celebrate the election of Barack Obama as next president of the United States. The project comes your way as a massive package of not less than 14 mixes to choose from. The Groove Junkies' Funky Roots Rub' is a funky tribal house gem featuring spoken words by Prophet alongside horns, sax and flute by Rick Keller. The groove on their 'Politically Correct Mix' is more hefty, with the synth stabs getting slightly techy. Stuttering Munx (Tim Nice & Johnny Young) take the track to the main room using a relentless tech house groove as base for the vocals and cool synths. Scott K. and Joey Kay team up for some serious jackin' Chicago house with jazzy twists out of this world, while Scott K. on his own goes for an organic rework featuring jazzy piano, lovely guitar and funky bassline. Finally we have Outer (aka Richard Amaya) delivering hotness with his afro funk soaked remixes that are nothing less than irresistible.

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Reviews November 30, 2008

Dawn Tallman "Who can I run to" (Thick Records CD Promo)

When you listen to Dawn Tallmann's "Who can I run to", let yourself be taken back to the time when soul and funk where a fundamental part of dance music (nowadays most often simply categorized as Disco). Indeed, this rework of the 1979 classic by The Jones Girls will bring back memories from this time, with the stunning vocals by Dawn Tallmann and the fierce funk soaked groove creating a relentless feeling. And then there is the 'Vicious Dub' which will hypnotize you instantly. Not to be missed!!

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Short Reviews November 30, 2008

Here we go with Volume 12, the latest edition of our Shorts Reviews and the accompanying mixshow on Spirit of House. We hope you enjoy this truly deep selection of fresh tracks...

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Reviews November 23, 2008

Picks of the Week

Exclusive Preview: Jon B "They don't know" (Martin Faltin Re-Touch)(CD-R)

"They don't know" is from Jon B's 1997 album "Cool, relax", and in its original form this is a timeless r&b/soul production full of heartfelt emotions. Martin Faltin delivers his best remix to date, taking the song to the soulful house dance floors by adding a smooth yet fierce, deeply thumpin' groove beneath the sweet original orchestration, with the lovely guitar and the atmospheric chords together with the outstanding vocals creating a captivating feel.

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Reviews November 16, 2008

Picks of the Week

Mustafa "Ginga Brasileira" (Staff Productions Records CD Promo)


Previously only available in Japan, Mustafa's wonderful album "Ginga Brasileira" is finally available around the globe. The album not just offers house - there is much more to discover: a marvelous blend of latin, jazz, house and even hip hop, both down-tempo and up-tempo. All of the songs showcase Mustafa's musical taste and production skills, with many of them including influences from his Brazilian roots and being very inspirational. And with people like Dom Navarra, Groove Assassin, MJ Cole, Anto Vitale and others contributing to this release, its one not to be missed. 

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Short Reviews November 12, 2008

He we go with Volume 11, the latest edition of our Shorts Reviews and the accompanying mixshow on Spirit of House. Enjoy this cool selection of house grooves...

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Reviews November 9, 2008

Picks of the Week

Exclusive Preview: Paris Brightledge & OGC " Michelangelo" / "(Love) complicated" (CD-R)

Here we have two currently unsigned exclusives for you, courtesy of Chicago based production team Organic Groove Continuum (Adrian Roberts and Brett Owsley) and legendary singer and songwriter Paris Brightledge (he co-wrote and performed the timeless classic "It's alright" released back in 1987 on DJ International Records). "Michelangelo" uses a smoothly stompin', funk drenched backdrop as playground for Paris' sultry vocals and warm melodic chords to create an uplifting feeling. On a more intense tip comes the relentless "(Love) complicated" which is built around a fiercely thumpin' groove that is topped with Paris' unmistakable vocals and lush synths. It's just a matter of time until these two beauties will find a home.

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Reviews November 2, 2008

Picks of the Week

Carolyn Victorian "I'm back" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

What a marvelous package this is!! A wonderful vocal performance by Carolyn Victorian coupled with a beautiful deep yet laidback instrumentation on Alan Smithee's original version create a mellow feeling. Then you have excellent remixes by the likes of Beppe Gioia who serves a jazz-funk drenched bumpin' vocal alongside a deeper dub, whereas Abicah Soul goes deep and organic with great keys and chords accompanying the vocals. And finally there is an over eleven minute long anthemic rework by Tony Loreto and Jacko that goes as deep as it gets, with an irresistible yet smooth groove leading the way for lush keys and strings, with a killer organ coming in half way through. Not to be missed!!

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In the Spotlight: "House Masters - Bob Sinclar" (ITH Records CD Promo)

Image A couple of weeks ago, the brand new House Masters compilation series was launched by ITH Records, looking at the work of Louie Vega, one half of the legendary Masters at Work. Now volume two sees the light of the day, showcasing the Parisian DJ and producer Bob Sinclar. Ever since he created "Gym tonic" in 1997 (which became a number one hit single), he had worldwide hits on a constant base such as "My only love", "Feel for your", "The beat goes one" or "Kiss my eyes". And then in 2005 came "Love generation" featuring Gary 'Nesta' Pine on vocals, probably his biggest hit today that sold in excess of 1.2 million copies worldwide. But there is much more from Bob Sinclar, for instance slammin' remixes such as the one of "Do you remember House" by Blaze or productions for the likes of Salomé De Bahia. The double-CD release features a selection of twenty of the most memorable tracks and remixes from his huge catalog at full length, some of them available in digital format for the first time.

Reviews October 26, 2008

Picks of the Week

Exclusive Preview: Vick Lavender "From Chicago to New York" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)
Exclusive Preview: Vick Lavender "Vaporizer" (Abicah Soul Mix)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Now that Vick Lavender has got his label Sophisticado Records up and running, he is starting to release all those wonderful productions we are waiting for. "From Chicago to New York" is a wonderfully orchestrated, laidback production featuring great jazzy keys and horns alongside sultry male vocals courtesy of Peter Jericho over a mellow groove - pure class. "Vaporizer" got remixed by Abicah Soul who adds his unique touch to the song, with those beloved atmospheric chords, classy strings and the deep, percussion enriched groove perfectly harmonizing with the sexy male vocals (again by the talented Peter Jericho) to create a resistless vibe.

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Reviews October 19, 2008

Picks of the Week

Ralf GUM featuring Wunmi "Brother like no other" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

The broken beat gem "Brother like no other" (lifted from Ralf GUM's highly acclaimed "Uniting Music" album) gets a full release, including a great variety of mixes to choose from. Featuring a passionate vocal by Wunmi, "Brother like no other" in its original form is all about the resistless, percussion driven broken beat and the marvelous horns. Ralf GUM himself provides two delightful deep house dubs built around an irresistible groove, with the 'Horn Dub' flipping the horns around and combining them with captivating chords, while the 'Minimized Dub' reduces the instrumentation for a more intense vibe. Joyful Noise goes deep and slightly techie for some serious late night / early morning action, while Rufuss gives the track an organic live feel complete with Italo western hook breaks. Finally we have Benny Pecoraio who presents a wonderful inspiring deep house interpretation.

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