Image ** Exclusive Preview **

Behind Deep London are Australian Johnny Kaz and French/West Indian Stan-ley who started their own club nights in London in 2007. Now they launch the accompanying record label which gives us an outlook on what to expect in the coming months. "Leaving you" by Candy Apple features a passionate vocal by Anjou over a soulful backing that is enriched with jazzy keys and sax, while "Building of deep" by Deep Y'All (aka DJ Rico) is a deep mesmerizing, afro drenched track featuring vocals by Kathrin alongside wicked synth chords. Africa Got Soul cover the Temptation classic "Papa was a rolling stone", with Stan-ley delivering a hot jazz-funk soaking remix that can't deny its afro roots. Lastly "Love me or leave me" by Stan-ley is featured in a version by DJ Garphie who gives the track a deep raw edge.

Picks of the Week

Gabriel Rene featuring J. Soul "Spirit" (SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Image SoulFuric return with a terrific release by Gabriel Rene. Featuring a heartfelt vocal by J. Soul, "Spirit" is soulful house at its best, with Guy Robin turning out a classic styled remix loaded with lovely strings, melodic keys and jazzy sax, all perfectly arranged over a funk oozing backing. Doruk Ozlen takes the track to deeper grounds, turning out a wonderful interpretation on a laidback tip, while Ray Jones serves a deep hypnotic affair featuring mesmerizing chords over a thumpin' groove. Completing the package is John 'Julius' Knight who turns out a stompin' peak time monster loaded with catchy synths.


Ralf GUM "Kissing strangers" / "If no harm" (Remixes)(GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Image The latest offering from GoGo Music brings you not to be missed remixes of two of their previous releases. Swiss DJ Le Roi takes on "Kissing strangers" by Ralf GUM (featuring singer Monique Bingham) and turns it into a soulfully groovin' affair featuring lovely jazz-funky flavors. For the dub, he teamed up with Ray Jones, with the result being a deep captivating affair featuring phat keys and chords. Ralf GUM's "If no harm" (featuring singer Rachel Claudio) comes in a great variety of remixes, with German Roed Svensk turning out a smoothly groovin', soulful yet funky version, while Ralf GUM teams up with South American team RyB to deliver a deep laidback interpretation. Rafael Yapudjian 's (one half of RyB) goes as deep as it gets while keeping it silky and smooth. Also included is an eclectic broken beat version by Devo Shun.

Picks of the Week

Jonny Montana featuring Stephanie Cooke "One 4 me" (Remixes)(Camio Records CD Promo)

Image The original release was our last Pick of the Week in 2008, and now this remix package ascends the throne as well. Abicah Soul goes as deep as its gets and turns out a hypnotic version on an underground tip, with lush synths accompanying Stephanie Cooke's heartfelt vocals. Hernan Cronner gives the track an old skool touch on his take, letting the warm chord melodies and groovy backdrop create an uplifting feel. Pablo Martinez servers an infectious deep house interpretation featuring gorgeous keys, while Dom Navarra reworks the track into a charming, Latin drenched affair that has got an organic live touch to it.

Image Cape Town (South Africa) based duo Delite present their debut release "Singles", and they hit it big !! Behind Delite are songwriter/producer Charlie Gordon and vocalist Faith who present a truly eclectic ten track album where each and every track can stand on its own, all of them spreading a hypnotic feeling through the deep, funk soaked grooves, captivating vocals and soulful instrumentation. Their music is fresh and inspirational, breathing new life into the oftentimes uniform sounding house music. This is exactly what we needed to kick the new year off strong and in style. Miss at your own risk.

Here we have more reviews that didn't make it into the weekend update.

Picks of the Week

Cool Million "The Tom Moulton Session" (Deeplay Music Records CD Promo)

Image What a pleasant surprise this release courtesy of soul boys Rob & Frank (Cool Million) is!! Tom Moulton, the legendary godfather of Disco (remember he is the person behind the idea of extended 12" versions for club play) takes on "Give me love" (featuring CJ Anthony) and "Lift me up to the sky" (featuring Laura Jackson) to add that distinctive, timeless 80's boogie touch to them, turning out two wonderful dance floor shakers that ooze with their soulful flavors and marvelous orchestration.

Here we have more reviews of fresh music we recently got, taking care of the trackier side of things.

Image ** Exclusive Preview ** Finally the full package of this musical gem is here!! With Carla Prather providing outstanding vocals on this masterly orchestrated production featuring marvelous keys and fantastic horns over a smooth groove oozing with its funky flavors, Vick Lavender has pulled all the stops on "First kiss" to deliver a timeless masterpiece. Abicah Soul turns out one of his best remixes to date, adding his unique touch to the track by adding those resistless synths and a kicking groove he is known for, never letting down the original vibe of the track. Lastly Jihad Muhammad contributes a wonderful rendition based on a deep yet smooth percussion enriched backing, sweet guitar, beautiful piano and classy synth chords. Finally there is a delightful reprise by DJ Celeste Alexander on a laidback percussive tip perfect for dreaming. A release not to be missed.

Picks of the Week

Stephanie Cooke "I thank you 2009" (Dolls Combers Remix)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Image Stephanie Cooke's 2002 club smash "I thank you" gets reworked by Italy's Dolls Combers who turn out two masterful interpretations. Their vocal version is a soulful affair built around a funk soaked, percussion enriched backing, with Stephanie Cooke's incomparable vocals being accompanied by phat hammond organ solos and lush synth chords. On the dubbish 'Element Mix', the Dolls Combers take the song to deeper hypnotic grounds on a slight dark edge, letting spacy synth sounds do most of the talking.


Image Phuture Sole is one of those (few) labels that put quality over quantity - and with "Selene (the goddess of the moon)" by Steal Vybe (Chris Forman & Damon Bennett) they have a gem in their hands, featuring the sultry voice of Alexis Simmons. It's all about the captivating vocals, the resistless synth chords and the deep percussion enriched groove that together create a hypnotic feeling. The 'Dubprise puts the emphasis on the synth chords, while Jonny Montana relaxes the vibe on his interpretation using a groovy backdrop alongside wonderful jazzed-up keys and a wicked organ solo by Bennett Holland. Completing the package is Damon Benett's 'Abstract Mix' which is based on a slightly broken beat tinged groove and features warm melodic keys and a lovely flute.

Picks of the Week

Exclusive Preview: Scott Grooves "Coco brown" (Modified Suede Records CD Promo)

Scott Grooves has a full length project in the works titled "The Riddum" which will be released around march on his new Modified Suede imprint. This new label will focus more on the deep percussion vibe, in contrast to his Natural Midi label that is home to the more techy sounds. "Coco brown" is one of the album tracks, giving us a first impression on what we can expect from the album, showcasing Scott Grooves' more organic, acoustic rhythm side, with his background of being a percussionist shining through all over. "Coco brown" is a laidback yet captivating track built around a truly deep, resistless backdrop, featuring wonderful atmospheric chords and sweet percussion elements, altogether spreading an infectious vibe on the dance floor.


Image GoGo Music impressed us all through 2008, and their first release for the new year is no exception. "Turn me on" is courtesy of South Africa's Blackcoffee and features sweet vocals by Bucie over a deep and soulful yet fierce afro tinged groove that is enriched with marvelous chords - simply wonderful. On his remix, Blackcoffee takes the track to deeper grounds, giving it a slightly minimal feel, with the synth chords creating a mesmerizing vibe. The Raw Artistic Soul mixes go even deeper, spreading a hypnotic vibe created by a relentless groove and captivating synths, with the original African vibe of the track always shining through.


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