Reviews July 2, 2006

Picks of the Week

Kim English "Missing you" (Remixes)(Litmus Records CD Promo)

This is one of two remix packages of classic Kim English tracks (the other one is the Scott Wozniak remix of "Ces't la vie" on Nervous Records). A&G Project provide a groovy reworking that features sweet percussion and comes with a funky edge thanks to the deeply rumblin' bassline, with the melodic keys and sensual vocals adding the soulful flavors. Richard Earnshaw's interpretations are on a bouncy tip, featuring an irresistible backing groove that is enriched with wonderful harmonic keys. While the vocal version is a soulful and sexy affair, the instrumental puts the keys centerstage, letting them create a more hypnotic feeling.

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In the Spotlight: SUMO "The danceband" (HEYA HIFI CD)

Image Swedish duo SUMO (Combo and Alf Tumble) follow up the successful remix compilation "Rebounces" with their debut artist album titled "The danceband". The eleven tracks of this album - some of which should be familiar as they have been released on 12" as teaser for the album - continue what started with their first releases in the late 1990's and has been continued since. It is a brilliant showcase of SUMO's versatility as it combines various musical styles like house, afro, latin, disco, tribal, jazz and electronic sounds, creating a fresh and diversified fusion. With lots of world class vocalists and musicians featured, it it just a matter of time until there will be a SUMO live band presenting these wonderful songs. A highly recommended album.

Reviews June 25, 2006

Picks of the Week

Groove Junkies featuring Solara "Paradise" (OM Records CD Promo)

Evan Landes & Parrish Wintersmith aka the Groove Junkies continue their successful collaboration with singer Solara and present the follow up to their massive hit "Just groovin'". Aptly titled "Paradise", that is exactly the place where this track will take you when you listen and dance to it on a warm summer night. With this fierce balearic house track the Groove Junkies explore new grounds, offering a track built around a smooth tribal groove that is enriched with sweet percussion, with an irresistible flamenco guitar leading the way before the sexy vocals and jazzy piano are coming in. With the 'Classic Vox Mix' they bring us another one of those powerful and uplifting grooves that feature undeniable hooks and are full of jazz-funky elements, while always keeping it soulful. Only available as digital download will be an alternate balearic mix and the balearic instrumental version.

BackRoomSounds "Too  late" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

Sam Gibbons is behind this latest offering from Back Room Sounds that features gospel vocalist Fruity alongside a wonderful instrumentation. The track takes you back to the classic days of Philly disco, with a fantastic jazzy flute and incredible horn section alongside a spiritual vocal performance by Fruity. While the 'US Connection' mixes keep it on a deep and laidback vibe, the 'Original Busta Move Mix' is firing things up by augmenting the track with funky ingredients. The Cleptomaniacs deliver an irresistible dub based on a stormin' groove that is enriched with wicked keys and a soul-funky flavor as only the Clepto's can do. The acapella completes the package.

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Reviews June 18, 2006

Picks of the Week

Stereo Daze featuring Black Shampu "Jam jam jam (all night long)" (Tony Records CD Promo)

The third release on Tony Humphries' label is a cover of the People Choice classic from 1976 courtesy of Stereo Daze, with vocals provided by Black Shampu. Staying true to the original, keeping it close to the feel and drive of the good old days of funky disco music while adding todays sounds is what make this a standout production. The 'Club Vocal' is a perfect combination of a solid four-to-the-floor groove with funk elements, giving prevalence to the funky elements, letting the guitar licks, piano solo and the incredible vocal by Black Shampu shine all over. In contrast, the 'Akustik Mix' is a very organic take of it that sounds like it was recorded in the 70's. On the 'Deep Guitar Mix', the four-to-the-floor groove gets a more prominent place, while the guitar keeps the funk in it. The two dub mixes add an 80's electro sound to it by using a synth bassline reminiscent of Yaz. An inredible release not to be missed.

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Reviews June 11, 2006

Picks of the Week

Erik Rug featuring Dynamax "Tribute to my people" (Remix)(Les Disques du Telegraphe Records CD Promo)

Following the original version of "Tribute to my people" that features a wicked rap vocal by Zulu Nation member Dynamax are funky remixes by L'Aroye &Ky. These mixes are a complete reworking of the original that enrich Dynamax' rap with a children choir singing in french. Music-wise, L'Aroye & Ky use a new school boogie beat with a fender live bass and furious keys that give the remix a funked-up vibe. The result is an old-school styled, disco-flavored track that is spreading an uplifting and summery feeling. Beside the epic extended version the package includes a dub, acapella and edit.

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In the Spotlight: Franck Roger "We walk to dance" (Seasons Limited Records CD)


After releasing a series of club rocking 12" over the past few years, it was about time for Franck Roger to release his debut artist album titled "We walk to dance". It took some time to complete this project, but Franck Roger's previous 12" releases for Seasons Limited already gave you an idea what to expect from this album. It is all about incredible deep house music that is straight-up, deep and soulful. Both vocal and instrumental tracks can be found on this wonderful release that is an excellent addition to your box.

For sound samples and digital downloads check out Dancetracks Digital 

In the Spotlight: Osunlade "Aquarian moon" (BBE Music Records CD)


With "Aquarian moon", Osunlade might surprise his house music orientated fellows as he returns to his soundtrack scoring origins with this album that tells of his love affair with the Greek Island of Santomi. Furthermore, it pays homage to the rich unspoilt culture that can be discovered there. It is a musical journey describing his experiences that is full of feelings, recorded live over a 12 day period.

Osunlade offers a deep and ambiently solemn selection of songs that create a laidback vibe with their lush orchestration of strings, divine horn solos, sweet guitars and smooth percussion. Lots of influences can be found, ranging from traditional african sounds to fat breaks and jazzy broken beats.

With this album, Osunlade explores musical grounds he only touched on before, emphasising his position as a hugely respected producer, musican, label owner and DJ.

For sound samples and exclusive digital downloads check out Dancetracks Digital (the CD includes a hidden 13 th track "In right" that is continued after the 12th track).

Reviews June 4, 2006

Picks of the Week

Roberto de Carlo featuring Joshua "Magic star" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

A favorite with many DJs since the release of the original version on the GoGo Music's "Spring Collection 06" sampler, "Magic star" by uprising producer Roberto de Carlo gets a full 12" release including the soulful original version that features classic strings and has a funky touch it. Simon Grey adds two remixes, with the vocal version being a wonderful broken beat interpretation that highlights the marvellous vocals by Johsua and the jazz-funk instrumentation. His dub is a jazz-funk fueled four-to-the-floor masterpiece with an incredible breakdown in the middle. Completing the package is Dom Navarra (one half of Sueno Soul) with a smoothed down version that is on a laidback and spiritual latin vibe. All in all, this is a fantastic package not to be missed.

Ron Hall and The Muthafunkaz featuring Mark Evans "The way you love me" (Defected Records 2x12" / Ditigal Download)

Since the release of the original by Hustle Music about a year ago, this has been one of the most played vocal tunes. Then in march of this year, the Dimitri from Paris remix was unleashed to the world and took dancefloor in storm, coming completely re-done in a disco-soul style with strings and vibes from the legendary Vince Montana Jr., giving it a classic philly feeling. Now Defected have released an incredible remix package that includes even more great interpretations that stand up with its predecessors. Another legend has been called in to lay his hands on this future classic and he blesses us with a wonderful reworking: Tom Moulton takes the Dimitri from Paris remix and takes it to another level by changing a few bits here and there, while keeping the overall vibe alive. And with an instrumental also included, you can enjoy the musical bliss to the max. Sergio Flores gives it a tougher edge, providing to pumpy dub mixes for the bigger rooms, while David Penn gives it a groovy re-rerub. Digital downloads are available at Dancetracks Digital.

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Reviews May 28, 2006

Picks of the Week

SoulBasics "The Phusion EP" (SoulTonic Mono Records CD Promo)

In january of this year, we brought you an exclusive review of the bands "City lite" (that has been released by SoulFunk Digital in the meantime). Now more of the bands marvellous productions are to be released by SoulTonic Mono Records. "The Phusion EP" brings you four tracks, all showcasing the bands love for jazz and soulful orientated sounds, presented in various flavors. Kicking off is the mellow "Jazzelle" that features sweet female chants over a warm laidback backing groove. Next is "Bonilla", a piece of exquisite jazz-funk grooves not to be missed. This is followed by "Drop Chicago", a lovely afterhours track with wicked keys. Closing down the EP is "Nite tine", a deep and fierce track featuring wonderful laminar keys and a great jazzy piano line. This EP is a perfect choice for those chilled and laidback moments.

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Back in Time: Eleanor "Adventure" (Columbia Records 12", 1988)

Image This track was originally released in 1988 on Columbia Records and was a big club hit back then, thanks to Shep Pettibone who remixed the track for the dancefloor in an irresistibly stompin' way, featuring wicked pecussion and electronic keys. Now this classic has been given a re-release by the german Compost label that features all the mixes from the original release. And for the first time, this track is available as digital download at Dancetracks Digital.

In the Spotlight: Luisito Quintero "Percussion madness" (Rapster Records CD)

Image Finally this wonderful album got a European release (a US release is to follow shortly) after it has only been available as an expensive japanese import in the past. Percussionist Luisito Quintero has been an influential part of Louie Vega's "Elements of Life" project (that combined afro-latin rhythms with jazz ans bossa nova sounds), and he is also a member of the Elements of Life Band  that has been touring around the world.

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Reviews May 21, 2006

Picks of the Week

Jersey Katz featuring Phil Hooton "Hoots house" (Rapture Records CD Promo)

With "Hoots house", Phil Hooton (one half of Jersey Katz) presents a track that takes you on a journey into the deep underground of house music. Phil Hooton himself provides the spiritual spoken words over the hypnotic rhythms created by deeply rumblin' drums, a driving bassline, organic percussion and an evocative hammond organ that is absolutely outstanding. This is an incredible track is spreading an irresitible vibe that should not be missed.

Jaymz Nylon "(A) side" (Nylon Records CD Promo)

With "(A) side", Jaymz Nylon presents a wonderful production that features blazin' beats and marvellous keys alongside sweet and soulful vocals that alltogether create a an emotional and passionate feeling to the listener. The 'Hornstrumental' is pure musical bliss thanks to the horn solo. DJ Spinna is responsible for the remix that perfectly showcases his versatility as he enters new grounds, creating an unequalled piece of quality music that encompasses an irresistible and unique vibe. This release is available at Dancetracks Digital.

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