Image Jonny Montana and Stephanie Cooke follow up their massive hit single "One 4 me" with "Love again", an equally exquisite production including a fantastic selection of mixes. The song features heartfelt vocals by Stephanie Cooke, with the laidback musical backing being marvelously orchestrated, including magical jazzed-up keys by Bennett Holland. The 'Classic House Mix' intensifies the vibe with a powered up groove and wicked piano line, while Justin Imperiale presents a wonderful rendition on a mellow tip. Bossruu's swingin' rework is a gorgeous jazz fueled affair, while Liquideep deliver deep soulfulness on their remix. Finally the Dolls Combers get groovy on their funktified take that features magnificent keys.

Picks of the Week

Groove Assassin featuring Jean "Too special" (Deep Haven Music Records CD Promo)

Image Groove Assassin (aka Nick Moss) presents the wonderful "Too special", a truly soulful old school styled production built around a smooth yet captivating funk oozing groove which together with the marvelous jazzy keys, lush chords, lovely guitar and outstanding vocals courtesy of Jean creates an uplifting feeling. One not to be missed. And before we forget, be on the lookout for more soulful gems from the Deep Haven Music family dropping soon.

Image ** Exclusive Preview ** Eddie Nicholas pays homage to Jean Carn's 1979 all time classic "Was that all it was", a song he always wanted to record, and the result is simply phenomenal. The bass by Jalal Johnson is funky as hell, giving the track an old school feel reminiscent of the unmatched Philly Disco sound, while Eddie Nicholas' incomparable voice is full of passion, perfectly accompanied by lush keys, a lovely guitar and sweet percussion, altogether creating a captivating feel. Currently in the works is Eddie Nicholas' album "Simply Eddie" which potentially will include this wonderful cover version.

Picks of the Week

Jose Carretas featuring Dani "Little piece of me" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Image Tribe Records follow up their massive debut release "Circles" by Nathan Adams & Zepherin Saint with a soulful production courtesy of Jose Carretas titled "Little piece of me", featuring the highly talented Dani on vocals. It only takes one listen to fall in love with this song that impresses with Dani's heartfelt vocals, magnificent keys and a smooth yet infectious, funked drenched backing. Beside the vocal version there are a deeper dub, instrumental and beats included. A musical treat not to be missed.

Image With "Beautiful soul" by Craig Alexander, UGH (Underground Garage Hits) Records have a beauty in their hands that is not to be missed. The 'Old Skool Soul Mix' is a fantastic mixture of the classic Chicago House sound with influences from Detroit, and the spoken word vocal by Lah takes the track to the next level. This one definitely brings memories back from the early days of house when we've been jackin' all night long... Then there is the marvelous remix by Anthony Nicholson who adds his signature spaced-out touch, turning the track into a timeless deep and jazzy gem. For the purists, an instrumental of his remix is included too.

Picks of the Week

Exclusive Preview: Femi Kuti "You better ask yourself" (Mauritzio Baiocchi Remix)(CD-R)

Image At the beginning of the year, a remix contest was launched for Femi Kuti's "You better ask yourself" (lifted from his new album "Day by Day"), with the chosen remix to be featured next to other great remixes in a special CD & Vinyl limited edition. The song is a wonderful mellow afro beat track loaded with great horns and featuring Femi Kuti's incomparable voice, taken to the next level by Mauritzio Baiocchi who transforms the song into a fierce yet smooth afro house track that keeps the vibe and spirit of the original alive while adding enough punch to guarantee jam-packed dance floors.

Enjoy the latest batch of reviews, this time on a deeper, more tracky tip, with some techy sounds as well... but hold on, some surprises are thrown in as well for your pleasure.

Exclusive Preview: DJN Project "Take you away" (Vega Records CD-R)
DJN Project "Beautiful people" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Image DJN Project (Ruben 'Swift' Vidal & Rick 'Galactik' Wilkinson) took the dance floors by storm last year with "Don't let it stop" and "Have a nice day", and this year looks to be even bigger with lots of projects in the works (featuring artists such as Arnold Jarvis, Kenny Bobien or Michelle Weeks). Available now is "Beautiful people" (on SoundMen on Wax), an uplifting production featuring heartfelt vocals and lush synth melodies over a remorseless backing guaranteed to spread a feel good vibe. Vega Records will release the soulful yet captivating "Take you away" in May, a wonderful production featuring gorgeous keys, wicked guitar and exquisite vocals (solos by Prinz of Black Eyed Peas, Louie Vega and LV of Nasty Beat Makers) over a subtle funk soaked backdrop. You can watch the video of "Take you away" on YouTube.

Picks of the Week

Exclusive Preview: Jerk House Connection featuring Akram Sedkaoui "Each & everyday" (Rocco Remixes)(A.N.T.H.O. Records CD Promo)

Image In 2003, French producer Bernaille 'DJ Bool' Stephane released the marvelous Latin flavored "Each & everyday" featuring an incredible vocal by Akram Sedkaoui, a song that still sounds as fresh and uplifting as it did six year ago. Just a couple of week ago during the Winter Music Conference in Miami, brand new remixes by French producer of the moment Rocco were given to a lucky few, and they immediately created a buzz, and many call it "tune of the conference". They certainly are right as these remixes see Rocco on top of his game, adding his trademark deep and resistless yet soulful touch to the song, turning out a timeless anthem that will be played for many years to come. Two versions available, letting you choose between the groovy 'Rocco Deep Mix' and the deeper mesmerizing 'Rocco Underground Mix'. One not to be missed

Image Andy Compton (whom you should be familiar with from his work as The Rurals together with Marie 'Tweek') presents one of his first solo projects titled "Above the sky", featuring jazz trumpeter and vocalist Kafele. The original production is on a laidback tip, featuring outstanding vocals and beautiful jazzy trumpet by Kafele coupled with exquisite keys over a deep mellow groove. Bazil intensifies the vibe by combining the original music with his trademark beats to turn out a fierce yet soulful dance floor thumper. Ralf GUM's mixes add an organic afro feel to the track that is relentless yet keeps the overall vibe of the track sweet and mellow.

Picks of the Week

Heather Johnson "Under my skin" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Image "Under my skin" is the follow up to Heather Johnson's debut solo single "Washes over me", again produced  by Ananda Project & Wamdue forntman Chris Brann. DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz bless us with five gorgeous mixes that combine Heather Johnson's angelic vocal with a deep and soulful yet captivating groove, lovely guitar and lush keys. Chris Brann's more organic 'Ananda Project 12 Edit' goes deeper and adds an atmospheric touch to the track.

Image Nadine Navarre returns to Shines Records with "Free to be loved", the follow up to last years hit single "Walk with me". The song is produced by label honcho Gene King whose original version is deep and mellow, with a sweet percussion enriched groove leading the way for Nadine Navarre's passionate vocals, gorgeous synths and lovely jazzy piano. John Crockett is firing up the vibe on his smoothly thumpin' interpretation featuring atmospheric synth melodies and phat keys. Plusgroove enter deeper grounds with their hypnotic rework featuring wicked ruff synth hooks, while lastly Void serve the deepest of all the mixes, a minimal tech flavored affair.

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